Team 2412 Source Code Release

Hello all

Team 2412, The RoboTotes, have made their source code available in one of two ways. You can either get it from bzr (bzr lp:robototes2412java) or download the tgz attatched.

2aa.tgz (11.9 KB)

2aa.tgz (11.9 KB)

I know I am about a month behind on seeing this, but thanks for sharing. I was looking for a team’s code with working camera, and tracking. I need to learn how to do those things for next year.

yeah, i had some traking code worked on, but it was slow and U.G.L.Y.

Our camera had a huge delay that we just decided against using it on the field. It was very annoying.

it actually decreases the average loops per second (lps) of the robot, making it dangerous