Team 2438 RT-AWD Drive Train

Team 2438 presents their RT-AWD Drive-Train.
Reverse Tricycle - All Wheel Drive

It is very different from the drive trains that have been seen this year. The RT-AWD Drive Train is 3-Wheeled with the back wheel being a rotating double-wheeled pod. (Back-Wheel Pod)
The 3-wheel design allows for more control in turning. Though it is a 3-wheel design, the RT-AWD drive train so far seems to be stable. The only draw back so far is that the driver train is quite heavy because of the pod, and the fact that it is built from Bosch. If this drive train works out, we hope to improve on it to make it a very powerful competitive drive train.

Rear wheel pod looks very interesting. What are you using for the lower bearings/turntable? And how is turning driven, a large gear or sprocket?

You can lighten it by using a single reduction in the gearbox, or an AM stacker box(1 lb vs. 2.5 lb), then further reduction in the sprockets & chain. Are you using #25 chain?

That is truly impressive. How did it do in competition?

this is the bottom side of the pod.

its a big gear attached to a 12" diameter turntable, run by a smaller gear.
we recently also installed a petentiometer and have a closed loop system for the turning of the pod. Yes it is #25 chain and we are looking forward to see how it does in the upcoming Hawaii regional

If you guys want some more inspiration for it, look at pictures of Bomb Squad, 16’s drive. They do 3 wheel crab, which is the premise of your drive, except your front two wheels don’t turn. It could be of some use.

You could really look at any crab drive you find to get some inspiration for your rear pod. The concepts look very similar.

Bomb Squad video:

In the end, we were very pleased with the drive. It allowed us to move and maneuver very quickly, with maximum efficiency in turning. This allowed us to become a high defense team that was able to pin and block many of the powerful high scoring robots at the competition.