Team 2445 RoboKap 2012 Robot

Great balls of fire! Anyone for some cosmic hoops?

At our last practice before putting it in the bag we shot some bank shots…

This was with manual shooter control as our camera, sonar and bridge tilter had already been moved to our practice bot (this is our first year with a fully functional practice bot!)

To the rest of the Hawaii teams looking in…don’t be shy, show us what you got! I’ve only seen Waialua and Farrington so far.

Good luck to everyone in your regionals!

Excellent robot you guys have. How well does it perform with camera? How fast can a ball ascend the tower?

Thanks. We’re happy with the way it turned out and look forward to being competitive at our regional. We didn’t leave our programmers too much time to work with the competition robot so the camera targeting is still a work in progress. Too early to say how effective it will be. Hopefully they can tune it up with our practice bot (I love being able to say that!)

I’ve never timed our ball collector, but as you can see in the video it’s just a couple of seconds from floor to shooting position. We have a two stage conveyor. We can get three balls stacked nicely in the first stage with the top ball in position to be lifted by the second stage into the shooter wheel. We haven’t timed our best three ball rapid fire yet, but we’ll be working on that with our practice bot (I just love being able to say that! Can you tell we’ve never had a practice bot before?)