Team 245 Gearbox

Hey all!

here is something for you to look at and say, “oooh, shiny!”
i know i am…

29:1 gear reducer, 4" diameter, about 2.5" thick

very cool but not shiny enough for my taste :wink: j/k
that a planetary setup?

yea, it isnt shiny as in shiny, but shiny as in woah, sweet!

nah, it isnt planetary… in fact it only has 1 sprocket

the harmonic drive? awesome! i’ve never seen a live one being used before!

greencactus wins

i know! isnt it sweet?!?

Hey hey… a lot like our design. We have our motors on the same axis as the wheels, and our wheels are hollow so the gear reduction (cim: 1:11, drill: 1:41) actually fits within the wheel. Plus it is swivel drive. But it looks very cool and seems to be a very good way to get up the stairs. Too bad we use 6" wheels, we cant do a thing about the stairs.

So was this a design from Hildebrandt? I know he’d always been thinking about stuff like that.

FYI: Little history and explanation of the harmonic drive. (Link)](

Did you guys manufacture that or is it off the shelf? Either way I think it’s very cool. Can’t wait to get a closer look.

Nah, hildebrandt didnt design it.

We manufactured it ourselves. it took lots and lots of man hours… we only broke 2 CNC mills though… we made 7 of them. Our design is based on the “if we shove this piece into this piece, it will work!” method, and it works really well. It makes a cool humming noise, too!