Team 2451 PWNAGE: 4K 360 Robot Footage

At the Midwest Regional this weekend we were able to mount a 4k 360 camera to PWNAGE’s robot to film their robot through eliminations. Here is the playlist of those matches.

If you are interested in putting one of our cameras on your robot and will be attending the St.Louis championship let me know. We are looking for a few robots to mount cameras to.

This is really really neat. Just imagine being a kid who’s gotten a VR headset for Christmas, never heard of FRC or anything like that. Suddenly you see this video and end up right in the middle of competition. Bouncing around the field and scoring gears.

Seems like the perfect way to get kids excited about FRC and by extension stem.

Edit: oops. I guess I misunderstood and thought you had a 360 degree camera on your robot (the kind that you record surround video on, I’m not very well versed in this kind of thing.)

Still… I wonder if someone could mount one of those VR cameras on top of their robot for an off-season event. It could certainly be the best seat in the house if you kept the view stable somehow!


This was half of a 360 camera (each half actually does 214* actuslly). Unfortunately we did not have enough weight to mount the other half of the camera at Midwest. We are hoping to mount the other half on our ball/gear intake side of the robot for STL Champs.


Like Nick said they only had the weight to mount half of the camera setup so we didn’t have the full view. Hopefully PWNAGE or another good team will find enough weight for the whole setup by St.Louis.

We posted the unedited version of the footage because we liked the wide view that allowed you to see the balls being shot and going into the goal at the same time. It was especially cool in auto when they were on the blue alliance.

I’ll try to post a version edited to work with VR tomorrow

Oh my god this is amazing!! Wish my team was going to St. Louis now!!!

How much does the camera assembly weigh?

The camera weighs 128 grams including the battery and micro SD card. The mounting hardware we used at Midwest weighs 17.75g

A full 360 view would require roughly twice the weight

Our team is currently around 5 pound underweight. Depending on how many changes we make, we should have the weight.

Stereolithography has a Championship event? How is that going to work?

Overall though, I’m quite impressed by the videos. Hope to see you at the Championship.