Team 2451 - Pwnage - Swerve Simulation Game

This year team 2451, pwnage, developed a swerve drive. After completion of the code, a swerve simulation game was created for demonstrative purposes. Here is a link to the program.

Simply download the zip file and unzip it. Then, click on the “.jar” file to run. For more information read the readme file.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or bugs, please post them below.

This is actually really cool. The robot has some INSANE acceleration and speed. Does it weigh like 5lbs? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. This is really good. I would recommend adding less acceleration and speed as an option, though, just to make it more realistic. It’s kinda hard to drive as is because of how fast it is compared to the screen size.

After a short time playing around I’m up to 15,200 using crab mode.

Very cool.

Now I want to build a swerve

This is awesome and you should feel awesome. Thanks a ton for making this public. :slight_smile:

Some more settings would be nice and/or the source code so we could play with it ourselves.

Wow, I now know what I am going to play with on the bus ride to Champs tomorrow morning.

Its beautiful to watch it spin while driving. Its a little fast to make out, but do the wheels themselves never turn more than 180 degrees? I would love to see how that works :slight_smile:

Awesome simulator, great job! Still working on getting it to pivot stationary.

I forgot to mention that this will be available to be played at our pit at world’s. We will also have a demonstration of the mechanics of the swerve drive. Feel free to stop by and we can answer any questions you might have.

My burning question is about your source for the internal gear (20 DP x 48 teeth) used in your swerve module. Did you guys make them yourselves, or did you customize a COTS internal gear?

On our actually robot the wheels are allowed to turn a little under a full revolution (330 ish degrees). For the robot code I have algorithms to deal with this but on the simulation code I just made the wheels point to where I want them to be. If you are world’s, come to our pit and I’ll be happy to fully explain how it works. If you aren’t able to come to world’s, I may be writing a white paper on the code when ever I have the time.

I believe it was done on a wire edm, but I’m not sure. I’m programming not mechanical, so I can’t tell you for sure. If you can’t stop by our pit at world’s, then you can try to ask in this thread.

I am working on changing this along with some other things, on the way down to world’s.

Also, just an idea, but what if you had a 2-speed tank drive as an option just for reference/comparison?

Once I open the Jar file, it says ‘Press A to start’. Pressing A doesn’t seem to do anything. I can select all the drop down menus and searched the read me file to see if I was missing anything. Any thoughts?

What are you trying to use?

I have been able to get a logitech gamepad f310 to work.

Keyboard for now.

The program must be finding a joystick or gamepad attached. I can add a way to disable it in the future. For now you can go to control panel (if on Windows) and see what it thinks is a joystick. If you can unplug it. Otherwise I guess trey to disable it? I’m not sure.

Had the pleasure of inspecting this team swerve drive IRL yesterday, it is a beauty!

No gamepad or joystick attached. Tried disabling other devices too. Still no luck…

This is awsome. Really helpful to get the basic feel of a swerve. The only problem I was having was getting a ball in the corner since I would just keep going instead of ramming against the side.

Try pushing space, it worked for me.