Team 2451 - Pwnage - Swerve Simulation Game

And it still says “Press A to start”? What devices do you get when you go to control panel, then devices and printers?

Yes. See attached screenshot.

To all, I have uploaded a new version here.

Try the new version. It now has a use keyboard button (under settings).

The new version works great, thanks.

Could you include the Linux and Mac binaries for Jinput also to make it easier for people?

Also, it seems like you set up the axes to only work with an xbox controller, not the Logitech gamepad. You should use the axis identification features of Jinput to get the correct axes on any controller:


Thanks, I actually have been looking around for something like this :smiley:

Very cool though.

I have been playing this with my keyboard and an xbox controller, and i noticed when I use the controller, there is a noticeable drift on the rotation, but none on the keyboard. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it the controller?

I remember looking at this robot. It is so cool. This was one of my favorite drive systems at championships.

This would be because the joystick is not centered.

Thank you for this information. The identification feature will be in my next release. I will try to work on the binaries when I have time.