Team 246 is looking for mentors in Boston, MA

Disclaimer: I fully understand that a post of this nature is likely to not be as successful as usual given the current state of the pandemic. I figured I don’t lose anything by putting it out there.

FRC 246 - Overclocked of Boston University and Boston University Academy is looking for mentors to help out with the team. For some quick history, the previous lead mentor of the team for nearly 2 decades stepped down from the team in 2017. In the years following, the team has undergone a complete recycling of mentors. It’s been a tough couple of hits to recover from, and right now the biggest concern is spreading the load around.

Because of the volume of mentors we currently have, as well as their availability, any technical or non-technical expertise is welcomed.


Are you open to remote mentoring for anyone who doesn’t live in Boston but would still like to help out?


Absolutely. If this applies to you feel free to shoot me a PM. At least for the summer, it’s largely just me with a lot of time available.

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