Team 2468 Appreciate Reveal: ORION

As per 148’s request:

Who Do You Appreciate?

That’s a really good style reveal! Music and name perfectly matched it.
Neat looking robot too! What are you geared for for speed?

Are you using the Andymark Swerve?

We are using the AndyMark Swerve modules! They are noted to have a max speed of 11.5 ft/sec, but we are software-limiting it to half of that because the drive was too fast to meet the precision that we desired.

How was your experience with them?

We had no trouble integrating them into our design and they work great!
We had a little bit of a problem with the bevel gears but we got it fixed by taking it apart and putting in a spacer.

Quite hefty … but that comes with any swerve drives.

Can’t comment for 2468, but 195 is also using the modules. For $325, I absolutely love them, but do recommend some minor changes after 6 weeks of testing.

  1. Replace the bronze washer with a thrust bearing.
  2. Shim the small bevel gear down to create a better mesh. We had a lot of chatter and skipping issues. This was solved very easily.

Both of these can easily be done with a quick McMaster order. For the overall price, with motors, I’m not complaining.

One tweak we made was to widen one of the slots of the bevel gear shaft so that the key would fit into the slot and when the shaft collar was tightened it captures the motor shaft even better. JHersh proposed this update.

Maybe adding a switch could help like a coded gearshift. Just culling speed like that seems wasteful to me. Of course it’s totally your choice, just something to consider.

Care to share P/Ns? A photo of the shims?

One thing we noted and were puzzled about was the inconsistency in the use of washers. Some modules used them with the spacers, some did not.

IIRC, I think they were .3mm 98089A293 and .5mm 98089A336.

Will post a picture tonight.

We noticed that the steering was much smoother with the extra washers as spacing too.

EDIT: We used the spring steel ones in .1mm and .3mm thicknesses. PNs are:
.1mm: 98055A111
.3mm: 98055A113

Awesome job, guys! Welcome to the swerve drive club. :wink: Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to see each other again at champs. Best of luck on the season!

Looks like another very successful machine! I can’t wait to get “the tour” later this week.

I hope your first swerve works out better for you than it did for us. :slight_smile: though, with the same result.


That was pretty good result, John. Unless I am recalling a different swerve? I think you mean 2008. :slight_smile:

I will be very interested to get some feedback from you regarding the elevator system.

If you are referring to 2008, I would be very happy with that result.

We are looking forward to returning to Dallas and competing.