Team 2468 Fully Functional Steering Robot

We got our Ackermann steering complete last night and the programming is working very well. We need to work on the reverse though.

Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.
Check it out at the following link.

More work to be done though. I cannot believe how fast the six weeks have gone. We have learned so much during our Rookie season so far.

Cool looks like you may need a tighter turning radius what is it now like 10-15ft?

Nice work! It’s good to see a rookie team attempting a somewhat complex drive system. My advice, and others will back me up here, is to test it out on carpet. It will probably make a large performance difference.

We will get it on carpet tomorrow to see what the difference is in performance.

Very nice. This is the first time I’ve seen anything other than a tank drive. Granted, our regional is kinda small, but that doesn’t make this robot any less awesome.

Cool looks like you may need a tighter turning radius what is it now like 10-15ft?

turning radius may be an issue, but i think this’ll probably be able to make the turn, and without losing momentum like the most common drive systems.

You got team number 2468 :slight_smile: You guys could come up with so many different cheers…

Yes we are Team Appreciate. We plan on that. My team has not bought in completely yet but I think they will.

Awesome job guys. Hope to see you at Lonestar Regional!

amazing drive system…its my 5th year and we have never attempted anything even close to that so congrats…
a little warning though…make sure you can mount your flagpole 51 inches up

Looking good! In the past, Ackermann steering has not been the best choice in drivetrain, but for this particular game, I think it may be one of the best ways to control your robot and get around the track quicker than everyone else.

Nice job 2468! I don’t think that is really Ackerman because the front axle connectors don’t point to the middle of the rear axle, but none the less it looks great.

The mounts for the tie rods and the bolts in the spindles are all set on angle to the center of the rear axle.

We tested yesterday on carpet and got a turning radius just inside 6 feet as well.

We are mounting our flag in the back left corner when you look at the bot from the front. We will have a mechanism on the opposite back corner that is capable of extending to knock the ball off the hurdle.