Team 247 - FIRST Testimonials

To All F.I.R.S.T Teams,

Hello, my name is Brian and I am from Team-247 “Da’ Bears”. At the moment our Web Team is finally able to initiate our idea on F.I.R.S.T testimonials. F.I.R.S.T testimonials is going to be a section on our web page that has members from our team with an explanation of how F.I.R.S.T has influenced their lives. 

Now, we have decided to extend an invitation to every F.I.R.S.T team asking for your testimonials. You could be a Student, Mentor, or even an Alumni. If you are interesting joining our Testimonial Page please Email me, [email][email protected][/email], with the given information:
  • Your Name
  • Your Team Name and Number
  • Your Grade Level and Number of Years on a F.I.R.S.T Team
  • Your Testimonial : Anything that shows how F.I.R.S.T has influenced you :
  • Your Picture : If you would like it posted on the web page :

On behalf of Team 247, we thank you for your participation with this and if you would like to check out our web page please visit , any advice may be posted on our team Forums. A link to the Forums is available on the side bar.

Thank you,

Brian : Team 247 : Da’ Bears