Team 2470 Tank Robot

We build this for our Mentors as an end of the year gift! The outside is made completely of wood, except the gears and treading.

Does the turret rotate? And what’s controlling it?

Yes the turret rotates, and we are using last year’s (IFI?) drive system. So its wireless.

That is way cool. I want one!

signs up as mentor for the Blitz

Can it fire stuff (grapes, marbles)?

Are there plans that I could have because our team sorta needs a project for the rookies coming in and this just might fit the bill.

Have rookies do the Midwest Vex League! I’ll give them a high-five if they make a VEX tank for whatever the game is :smiley:

Something worth noting is that one of our original manipulators was going to use this kind of belting. It gripped the balls extremely well. I’m glad we went with whatever off the self polyurethane we used… we could idle and stack balls better that way.

Yeah we do have plans, one of our team members is drawing up a more organized grouping of sheets as I type. I should have the plans up by Saturday.

We are actually doing a second tank this summer that will be larger (so then it will then have enough rooom to fire things).

any troubles with the treads coming off while turning?

Nope, we cut plastic lids and put them on the gears to keep the treading on.

I uploaded the tank files this morning and they should be in my papers.

Sorry for the triple post

The Tank files are now in my pictures since aparently it didn’t upload in my papers?

There are about 22 pages including the cover page.


EDIT: They seemed to have dissapeered…

Hehe, lookin’ forward to it! This would be a cool September-October job with rookies

We are actually planning on making a larger scale 2470 tank in the pre-season that can shoot foam balls, one at this size really does not have enough space to install an entire shooting mechanism unfortunately.

Since the pictures have seemed to not upload again, I made an album on photobucket containing the plans:

Neat stuff. Good luck with that foam ball shooter (things that shoot balls are great for demos, especially if you shoot stuff cheap enough so you can let people keep the balls). I’d look to Aim High for inspiration on that.

I was quite surprised when the instruction booklet was all hand drawn and written. Props to whoever spent the time drawing and writing that out.

I let her know – the funny thing is that they are so nice we were joking about her selling them for a profit…