Team 2471 2020 "Hermes" swerve module

Hey all,

As promised here is the cad for the module! We ran then for the first time this past weekend at bunny bots and were super happy with their performance. The only problem we had with them was the tread that we used (McMaster Carr 5994K7) wore out quite quickly and we had problems with it pulling off the wheels. So for the actual season, we plan on going back to the blue nitrile.

Hermes module.stp (16.4 MB)

Hope everyone has a great holiday season,
Owen Wilks

SolidWorks Corporation - STEP Processor Error Log

                   STEP Post Processor

STEP File Name: C:\Users\Brendan Simons\Downloads\Hermes module.stp

Error: Encountered invalid record index.
STEP-in did not complete successfully.


Have you ever had any issues with bending around the area where the module connects to the frame, assuming you’ve run a set of modules on a relatively heavy test bed?

I also got an error message when trying to open in SW (tried on SW 2018 Edition).

Ditto, and in 2020 Pro.

We have been using on a custom 3" wheel.

A .x_t parasolid file would be appreciated, as these tend to open easier than STEPs in Solidworks, Onshape, and Inventor (IME, anyway).

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Owen should probably post a new file, but for now you can try this. Hermes module.x_t (13.0 MB) . I was able to open it in Inventor and export it correctly (i think) to parasolid.

Broken link, although that might just be CD.

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I reuploaded it and it keeps not working. Here’s a google drive link instead.

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Sorry all, I was taking some time off during the holiday, but here is the .x_t parasolid file!

hermes module.x_t (13.1 MB)

I hope everyone is having/had a great holiday season!
Owen Wilks


Public onshape link:


This module looks awesome guys!

I’m excited by your steering control system. You mentioned that you only take the module position from the encoder at the beginning of the match and then control locally with the NEO encoder after that. We have been taking about doing the same. Did you have any challenges with doing that? Or was it pretty straight forward? Have you tested what would happen if you had a control system reset in the middle of the match (such as if your radio re-booted)? I assume it would do the same initialization as at the beginning of the match.

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