Team 2471 - Robot Updates

Hi all,

The team would like to present our new modifications to this year’s robot, Carbon^3!


The team spent their open bag time this weekend working hard on making some important changes. The big things we changed were on the front side of the robot, including adding a ground gear pickup, changing our overall gear manipulation from passive to active, and other smaller changes. The result has given us a much faster robot for gears if we so choose. We will be competing at Lake Oswego in the PNW region this week if anyone wants to see our robot in action…

Original Reveal for Reference:

Thanks everyone!

Awesome! Looks great. Looking forward to competing with you again at Lake Oswego.

Can’t wait to see it! :smiley:

Thanks. We’re excited to see you there as well!

The ground gear pick up looks great. Good luck this weekend!