Team 2471 Season Recap Video

Figured I’d jump on the recap video train and post the video I’ve been working on and off for the past couple of weeks.

Our recap video

A huge thanks to all of our alliance partners this season, and we’ll see you all in Chezy Champs this fall :slight_smile:

Huge congratulations to everyone on 2471 this past season!

For every event win, I can guarantee there were hundreds of jaws dropped as a result of the elegance and effectiveness displayed by your robot and your team.

I think a lot of teams had an ideal image of how their robot would play the game and what that ideal robot would look like. At least for me, your robot encapsulated every aspect of my ideal robot.

As soon as divisions were released, I was sure that your team would make it to Einstein and beyond. At that point, all I was hoping was that your team would consider us to join in your efforts.

Much of our alliance’s discussions going into playoffs revolved around how to stop your robot from single-handedly overwhelming our alliance. The only teams who consume all of the strategy meetings are the teams who routinely dominate their competition, and over the past few years you guys have shown that ability in droves.

Good luck at Chezy Champs and in Deep Space! I would have loved to see your robot contend against the other divisions, I guess that will have to wait until next year when you guys exceed my expectations for what is possible once again!