Team 2481 "The Roboteers" proudly present Ms. Stac-Man

Team 2481 “The Roboteers” proudly present Ms. Stac-Man

Competing at:
Arkansas Rock City Regional
Central Illinois Regional

Some quick specs:
Six Tote Stacker
Extending arm reaches over totes in landfill to acquire bins from step
Arm can place bins on top of six tote stack
Active intake pulls in totes quickly from the landfill
Claw rotates and can pick up bins in any orientation
Stacker can slide out to easily place three Coopertition Totes on step
Can place forth Coopertition tote on a stack of three
Swerve Drivetrain

More features to debut at a later time

Looks great! I really like intake, and having the 6 tote+container is always really useful. Should score a good amount of points regardless of alliance.

Looking good! I suspect a good human station loader would make a nice compliment… :wink:

Looks like another fantastic robot! You guys have a way of creating something that looks simple and is remarkably effective. Hope to see you guys again at World’s!

Amazing bot and as always, one of my favorites.

Great looking robot guys. Hope we get a chance to see you at the Championship again.

Really enjoyed your robot last year, and looks like your RR robot will complement ours well this year. See you at Rock City Regional.

Amazing as always - can’t wait to compete with y’all at arkansas.

Do those intake rollers let you acquire totes from the tote chute as well?

Yes, with the combination of the intake mechanism and the swerve drive, we can acquire totes very quickly no matter where we’re at on the field.

In terms of feeder station loading, the only design limitation is that with the specific movement range for our infinite stacker, we can’t park directly at the feeder station to be drop loaded. However, as soon as those totes hit the carpet, they’re game to be sucked right in and the stacker is very quick. The timing efficiency vs. being drop loaded is a relative wash, as we can allow the new tote to be essentially loaded and dropped immediately without having to wait on any mechanism on our robot to lift a tote out of the way for drop loading. The intake pulls the tote away from the chute and the manueverability of the swerve allows quick alignment tweaks so that tote is already in the robot before the next one is dropping onto the field. The intake is also pretty forgiving in terms of tote alignment. This puts the stack efficiency cap essentially on the human player and not on a robot mechanism.

With that said, while we can operate effectively from any position, we’ve found that we are more point efficient operating out of the landfill. We can use our arm to grab bins off the step at any opportune moment allowing for the most efficient use of every second of match time in tele-op. If you watch closely in the video, you can see moments where we are collecting a bin while simultaneously intaking and stacking the next totes. Match time wise, we’ve found we’re comfortably capable of 2 6 tote stacks capped with bins exclusively from the landfill, after deploying the 3 tote auto stack onto the step. This allows the 3 standing auto zone bins to be freely used by our alliance partners operating from the feeder stations to hopefully maximize alliance point potential. Remaining match time can be used in whichever way will maximize those points per second for each match situation (capping off the co-op stack, topping off an alliance stack with a bin, getting another partial stack with a bin scored ourselves).

Thanks for all the words of encouragement, everyone! We’re looking forward to playing with new and old friends alike in Arkansas in week 2, CIR in our own backyard in week 4, then hopefully championships in April. As always, feel free to stop by our pit at any time to say hello. Just look for the giant, inflatable pirate head. Thanks, again!

Looks really good guys! Hope we get to visit you at championships! :stuck_out_tongue: