Team 2485 Presents: HackToTheFuture

Team 2485 is proud to present our first annual Hackathon, HackToTheFuture. HackToTheFuture is going to be an all day, action-packed Hackathon open to high schoolers of all programming abilities. It’s completely free and equipped with hardware for hacking, fantastic prizes, delicious food (meals provided!) and mentors to help teams bring their projects to life. HackToTheFuture will be held in the **Francis Parker School Library****, on December 19th from 8am-8pm. **

HackToTheFuture is a competition, and teams with up to four students will be judged on their projects from the day based on their originality, design, execution, and relation to the theme. This years theme is education for the modern world. To help solve this problem, you can create anything from an app to a website to a robot.

The event is open to all high schoolers, not just FRC students, so help us spread the world! We’re all getting excited for build season, and we know that everyone else is too so HackToTheFuture will serve as a fun event to get everyone excited for January 9th and the long days that come with it. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, and be sure to visit the event website at both for registration and details.

Only 37 days until Kickoff!

Looks like a great event! Should be a fun way to get ready for build season.