Team 2485 W.A.R. Lords Artemis CAD Release (2020-2021)

It’s a bit overdue, but Team 2485 is pleased to release the CAD for our 2020-2021 robot, Artemis! Although she didn’t see as much action as we would have liked her to, Artemis was a finalist at the San Diego regional in 2020 and received an Industrial Design Award for the Greater San Diego Region in the 2021 at-home season.

Our pride and joy this season was our dual-flywheel shooter. Since normal rotating hoods are incompatible with this design, we had to get innovative with our pitch control. We eventually settled on a lead screw-centric design, with an ARMABOT turret for yaw adjustments.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me (a current student on the W.A.R. Lords) at [email protected]!

West Coast Drive with 6" wheels, 2 Falcons per gearbox
Polycord through-the-bumper intake (new to 2021; 2020 was Mecanum-based)
Turret-mounted dual-flywheel shooter with lead screw pitch adjustment
Telescoping climber (removed for 2021)

Link to GrabCAD projects:
2020 FRC Robot: A Fond Farewell to GrabCAD Workbench - GrabCAD Blog
2021 FRC Robot:
A Fond Farewell to GrabCAD Workbench - GrabCAD Blog
2021 Battle at the Border Revisions (please excuse the de-nested folders; a major Pack and Go error was made):
A Fond Farewell to GrabCAD Workbench - GrabCAD Blog


Piggybacking off of our CAD release, we’re happy to share our code for the 2020 and 2021 season and swerve code from this year.

2020-2021 Artemis codebase:

Fall 2021 swerve codebase:

Highlights of our 2020 and 2021 offseason code (on main branch of frc-2020) include:

  • Automatic robot-specific constants configuration (via RobotConfigs in our shared library, WarlordsLib)
  • Automatic turret tracking and hood/flywheel setpoints based on Limelight input

2021 at-home challenge code can be found on the 2021-challengesFinal branch of frc-2020. It includes similar features to 2020 as well as path tracking and automatic ball placement recognition for the Galactic Search Challenge. In 2021, Artemis won first place in our division in Interstellar Accuracy and third in Galactic Search.

Finally, this fall we worked on a swerve drivebase using SDS MK3 modules. The codebase, heavily inspired by WPILib’s swerve examples, used feedforward+PID control on the drive motors and feedforward+profiled PID control on the turning motors. It has full drive functionality in teleop and can execute simple paths in autonomous. If swerve is applicable to this year’s game, we hope to further develop this codebase by running on-motor PID and feedforward, as well as by integrating PathPlanner to execute more complex paths.

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