Team 2485 (W.A.R. Lords) Championship Promo Video

Team 2485 (W.A.R. Lords) is very excited to participate in the 2013 FIRST Championship event. Here is a quick look at our robot and season so far and what other teams can expect to see from us.

Good luck everyone!

Fantastic Machine! Very refined and accurate. Good luck at Champs!

sigh I really wanted them to play “War Machine” by AC/DC at the SD and IE finals. It would have been so fitting!

Also, here is footage of our final match in which we broke our personal high score by putting up 207 points! Our previous record had been 202.

This is one of my favorite robots this year. Their full court shots are so hard that I’m amazed more of them don’t bounce out. Good luck to you guys in Galileo!!

Thank you so much! We are so sad we don’t get to play against you guys in St. Louis and we are working on the above noted issue of shooting to hard. Not sure if you know but we actually broke the chains of the Blue Alliance top goal in SD. XD So yes, we are toning down our shooter in addition to other additions to the bot. :smiley:

Thank you so much! We have definitely seen 195’s machine also and we are equally impressed, see you in St. Louis :slight_smile:

Wow, I can believe it. Those shots were going across the entire court horizontally with almost no ‘arc’. Its a really good shooter. Good luck in St. Louis!