Team 25 2019 Robot Reveal

Introducing Evil Machine 17:

If our 2011 robot was “2007 with a minibot,” then this year’s robot is “2018 with a cargo arm.” :robot:

You can watch us compete this weekend at the FMA Mount Olive District Event and week 5 at the FMA Montgomery District Event.


I feel like I’m missing something here. What’s the context for the black glove?


Holy cow those wheels


The first photos of cargo pickup makes me go ‘Om Nom Nom Nom’.

Looks awesome, as usual. Good luck this weekend!

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Wow what a massive intake! Did you guys have issue with torque to manipulate it?

Reference 25’s robots from past years 2018,2017,2016…ect

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what’s the cylinder doing that seems to be attached to the hinge point of the cargo ball and on the side of the elevator?

If you zoom in, you can see a 3D printed pulley. That’s attached to a Banebots 775 and winches the wrist upright using a steel cable. It’s spring-loaded in the other direction, so unwinding the spool moves the wrist downwards for intaking cargo off the floor or scoring in the cargo ship.

Hmm… Seems awfully complicated, but I’m also no expert :man_shrugging:

The cylinders attached to the sides of the elevator are for tilting it backwards so our hatch manipulator fits within the frame perimeter for the starting configuration (similar to last year’s robot).

The pneumatic cylinder inside the cargo ball manipulator is for doing this:
Retracting the cylinder allows the ball to fall farther back so it’s not in contact with the rollers while they spin up to speed. Then it pushes the ball into the rollers to shoot it out.

Cool, what about defense?

neat - thanks. Couldn’t tell from the angle that it was outside of frame perimeter, looked like it was all in it

Re: shooting the cargo into the third level of the rocket? We plan to be flush against the base of the rocket and take a batter shot. The video I linked to was from our very first operational test playing around without any programming/tuning.

25 has once again demonstrated their proficiency with the copy and paste tools


If it worked once, it’ll work again!


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Also I love that first pic, it also makes me think nom nom nom

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Yep, Beadlocks for life.

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