Team 25 and team 1089 in the newspaper!

Read this and understand why me one of the kids is happy and sad at the same time!

A nice story with a sadly accurate game description.

The mission in the contest is for two robots, working as a pair, to travel up a ramp, knock plastic bins stacked at the top into a scoring area and zoom to the top of the ramp before the clock runs out. In the final rounds, three teams alternate as partners.

Seems this year there are a lot of Father-Son competitors. It’s always good for FIRST to be able to make a story ‘sensational’ enough to make the newspapers. I think stories like these get FIRST noticed a lot more in communities.

cool. very cool.

The local Courier News also has a story on the J&J regional.:cool:

The Courier spelled my name wrong. :frowning: Our robot’s picture made the paper along with one of our advisors.

Don’t mind the newspapers spelling your name wrong. I was on the front page one time and had mine spelled wrong, that was bad. :frowning:

But you can’t really trust reporters to get your name right, you should be able to trust your schoolmates in yearbook though. Last year at Berkley, we had a picture of our drive team on our page for yearbook (which was shared with, of all things, Video Production*). Of the 5 people… 0 had their named spelled right.

*Yearbook’s reason was “Well, we just, they both have to do with technical type stuff right? So yeah they are the same thing pretty much”
(Now my girlfriend is in charge of the FIRST page, got them a 2-page solo spread in the ‘Sports’ section, even though I quit the team there)

Our team got some coverage too, they covered us on Thursday and had a nice write up on Friday with some good pictures. Article

I wish I was in the newspaper…