team 25 robot pic

Hey guys i have been getting alot of requests about our robot pics and we will display them in about 4 or 5 days. We are putting so finshing toushes on it right now. Hmmmmmm should i give a hint of what it does???

cough* cherrypicker *cough

with last years drive multiplied by 100, no?

yes! hint! please! :smiley:

ok i am trying to think what i can say without getting into troble and as you can see i can not ever spell right tonight

i thought all the hints were coming from wayne himself…?

correct i am trying to get a hold of him

Well, I think I know what team 25 is up to this year…and frankly, if I am right…I’m scared to death. Of course, I have no evidence to back up my claims, just the basic knowledge that if there are any team who can pull of the improbable or downright impossible, its those crazy Raider Robotix people.

My hint for what I think team 25 does…

Ramp bot…but not the way you think

Our new tactic is to scare the opponents away with our utterly repulsive hawaiian shirt pattern for the '04 season.

i would love to hear this :smiley:

i e-mail wayne and i hope he gets the message so that the hints may be given

Dude, thats great but ahh… your supposed to put a picture in the “Robot Showcase” Its called a showcase for a reason… i cant wait for your picture

O.K. here is what I am thinking. The ultimate doomsday scenario. A certain team…lets call them team number…25…starts off straddling the line. In a matter of 3 seconds, they manage to slide underneath the ball troft and unfold this rather large sail/ramp. The balls fall from the troft and land in sed ramp, then funnel down into the human player station for a plentiful supply to the human player. After all the balls have been exhausted from the ramp, they fold back up and hang.

It would take one heck of an engineering feat to accomplish this, and there are only a few teams which I can picture doing something this crazy and making it work…team 25 being one of them.

Good Luck!
-Andy Grady

I remember discussing this at IRI this past summer … aren’t they “Easter bunny puke” yellow and pink or something??

Hmmm… teams will run away from their controls at the mere sight of the shirts. Your robot doesn’t even have to do anything - the other teams will get negative points for running away and you’ll win with a high score of 0!

Great strategy! :stuck_out_tongue: