Team 25 Shirts for 06 Season

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to let you all know that we are getting new shirts, as usual, for the upcoming season. I attached a picture for everyone to see, not sure how small it ended up being, if you want a larger you can email me.

If you would like to order them/trade for them, let me know ASAP, and you could either send me your shirt or a check/cash down the road. Our order goes in around the end of September in order to get our shirts for the final offseason events.

Each shirt is sold for $24. Sizes range from S to XXL(100% Rayon). Our shirts are made by our long time friends at Royal Hawaiian Creations.

(working on adding the picture, my computer is being kinda screwy)

Be sure to post here if you would like to buy/trade one–list the size too!

Well since Corey’s having trouble, i’m uploading it.

I like it, I think its better than the purple, and just as good if not better than the black, red, and yellow of the past. Someone should make a gallery of all of theirs.

And I’ll take a Large, for a Super Awesome Forever 1403 Tshirt

shirtgood2.bmp (77.3 KB)

shirtgood2.bmp (77.3 KB)

can i get an XL for my brother.

he thinks it is pretty.

looks better than those purple shirts.

Hmm… I still think it’ll be hard to top our shirts from last year.

Not hard to find us in NYC, we were all wearing the (British) Union Flag…

Wow, that does look good. Looks like I’ll be needing to add another Team 25 shirt to my collection.

Oh forgot to say, pencil me in for a large. I’ll trade some vintage 294 gear or maybe even some 812 gear :smiley:

Hey, please, somebody from team 25, supply me with a Small this year, I’ll trade an equivelant value WBI shirt if you just let me nkow size.

Pencil me in for one, an XXL. I’ll gladly trade for a 1293 shirt of varying vintage. (Our main artist type we’ve had since the start graduated, but I’ll make sure the 2006 shirts properly rock out.)

The question remains as to how we’ll actually cross paths–is 25 planning to come to Palmetto again? If not there, then how about Atlanta?

mark me down for a lrg corey…

um… shirt you will get… um… whichever team i happen to be on come the build season =P or ill pay since it will be well worth it… those shirts r pimp…

That shirt is pretty! I will see how much money I have left after Wonderland and get back to you on ordering one Corey…Next year you guys should get pink shirts :wink:

Hey Corey save an XL for me, I will get you a new 2006 Techtigers shirt.

Thanks and they look awsome.


I’d be interested in buying one; I’m an L, shirt-size-wise.

Ashley better get one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk to me about it Corey.

ya man time for me to get a new shirt… Lg ill trade or buy w.e we will see when the time comes eh?

Corey, those shirts look awesome! I’d love a shirt. I can offer you a classic Team 38, Nonnebot shirt… or some cold hard cash. I’ll take an XL please.

Last years purple shirt is the most comfortable shirt in my wardrobe.

Put me down for an XL. I’ll trade a 1390 or 1604 shirt… depending on which extras I can get my hands on.

Dude! You gotta hook me up with one of these shirts man! I could trade you one of our shirts from '05 (though I have to tell you they aren’t as cool), or I could give you cash… would I be able to buy one at the Brunswick Eruption?

Im not sure if we are going to be selling them at BE, but you could always just buy it from me and pay me then.

On that paying note, if you would like to buy one without trading shirts, send a check on to me, Corey Balint ASAP, address:
63 Lynn Court, No. Brunswick, NJ 08902.
Each shirt is 24 bux.
Attach a letter with your name and team and what size you ordered.
And at some point ill make sure the shirt gets to you, either by mail or at some competition.
You must send me a PM or email or Post directly in this thread on if you are sending a check or cash.
And for further posts, please be more specific on if you would want to buy one/trade for one.
For the most part, id say cash/check is easier then a trade and prefered, since im not sure where we are going this season.
And if you do want to trade, and i already have one of your team shirts, PM me, cuz ill have to check out which one i have of yours…(Billfred, George, Kev, Eugenia, Conor-ive got shirts from your teams already, so make sure to drop me a line)
Everyone who wants to order/trade in general too, send me a PM and ill go into more specific details per order/trade.

Corey I’ll take an XL please and I’ll send you a check.

Cor cor, ill take a xxl. I’ll pay you whenever you need the money.

Cookie XL me… I’ll be trading with a wicked bad '06 222 shirt. :smiley: