Team 25 shooting

This is what happens when you don’t wear safety glasses:


Nice vid. Who was the unlucky target of that impressive shooter?

Corey Balint

our driver

OUCH! Did he miss a shot or something?

Nice shooter though. Low goals ought to be an interesting venture.

Can she shoot for the high goal.

The shooter is made for high goals. We shot him because we could. Tomorrow we will finsh more of the several auto modes our robot will have to keep teams guessing what we will do in auto and make it tough to defend.


Hehe, i know the feeling, I had our robot shoot me a few times just to see what it felt like (In the chest, yes i was wearing safty glasses).

I also got the job of acting like the ball return of the center goal during a test session :smiley: That was interesting also!

So i see how it works, But your not launching using the arms that are moving the balls correct? I cant tell whats shooting the balls, or is that by design? :smiley:

Can’t…see…video. Darn you DSL. don’t laugh.
I can’t see it but I’m assuming it’s AWESOME, as I’m sure that it is made out of very nice aluminum with large circular holes in it. See you at Trenton. I’m driver.

Wait…wait…video’s on. yeah it’s awesome as usual.
No cool holes though. good job.

here is one of our auto modes


At least you weren’t shooting Sharpies!

Thank goodness for that. I don’t want a repeat of last year… :rolleyes: