Team 25 teaser

The kids have work really hard this year I am proud of all the work they have done.

Looks great. 25 always has my favorite elevators since seeing my first one at NJ in 2008.

That is definitely a 25 robot. Looking good!

the largest wheels on an frc robot in the 3v3 era: check
the shockingly effective passive gripper: check
the elevator that is really fast: check
the relief they cant come beat me up in virginia anymore: double check

I agree!

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I like the gripper. It seems to work much like ours…I’m pleasantly surprised.

In all those years we’ve known Team 25 including playing on their home turf in 2007 and on ours in 2008, I didn’t realize your elevator lift have what appears to be little to no bracing. It moves a lot back and forth when extended.

That drivetrain is signature.


You can always count on the 25 drivetrain, love the wheels :smiley:

SIX air tanks!

Love the auto mode.

As I recall, they usually mount it on springs to prevent damage. This was their 2011 robot. There were a lot of robot elevators from 2011 we looked at, this was one of the first ones I went to!](](

I feel like I’ve seen that elevator before. And once before then too.

Looks good as always, Shaun. Can’t wait to see it in person.

To answer a few things I have saw in this post.

-The lift is definitely different this year. We can go higher with less segments needed

  • glenn you want the tower to move if it was stiff it would destroy itself

-the grippers are this year’s biggest suprise to me. I was on the side of roller claw but we were worried about holding the box tight and weight on top of the lift. We pick up as fast as any roller claw I have seen to date.

As always, such a beautiful beast.

The drive is legendary at this point, and that lift is not too far behind. The incredible simplicity of most of your bots is always something I am in awe of.

In fact, we may be borrowing some inspiration, well, spare parts from our 2011 twins…

Wow! That’s a super slick bot, especially the drivetrain. What type of wheels are those?

Can’t wait to see you guys at Mount Olive!

Thanks! The wheels are Skyway Bead-LOKs with a custom tread pattern.

We’re looking forward to playing with 1403 at Mt. Olive too!