Team 2526's Penultimate Robot Preview

Here’s a video on YouTube of the penultimate test of our robot for this year! We have a drive system that was inspired by the NASA crawler. We wanted to use treads because of the traction we would get when traversing the obstacle.

As you can see, we are able to get over the obstacle quite easily! We hit the ground a little hard, but we planned for that, and built our robot like a tank! We went over the obstacle several times in a row during another test, and the robot took it in stride! We’re really happy with the results we are getting from this.

We just have to finish mounting our pneumatic kicker system, and then we’ll be all set for ship! See you guys at the MN North Star Regional!

Oh, and we’re trying to decide on a robot name. What do you like best?
a) Bob
b) Axiom
c) Normandy
d) Steve
e) HAL 10,000

::ouch:: ::ouch:: ::safety:: ::safety:: ::safety::
a few of you guys arent wearing glasses