Team 2526's Scouting data from Iowa Regional

I wanted to start this by saying thank you to our alliance partners 4818 The Herd and 5690 Sub-Zero Robotics. Although all of our robots began falling apart throughout the Semifinals, it was still a great experience working with both of you.

As the Iowa regional was 2526’s last chance to gain a birth to Detroit, our Power-Up season has come to an end. This year, our team had a very dedicated sophomore leading our scouting, and I wanted to share her amazing work from our data collected at the Iowa Regional. My hopes are that other teams competing in upcoming events could use this data as a reference or possibly even use our current excel scouting system for their own scouting purposes.

I must note that the “Bot Multiplier” is a power ranking score derived from our own formula (2 x average Scale success + 1 x average total switch near and far success + .25 x Exchange Success + 2 x climb success percentage). Essentially, our bot multiplier allows us to rank the teams based on consideration to all the ways of scoring or denying opponent scoring.

If you have any questions about our scouting system contact me at [email protected]

Excel Scouting Sheet:

Interesting data; thanks for sharing.

A couple of quick plots indicate (1) several teams had seed rank that differed significantly from their rank by your “bot multiplier”, (2) draft order correlates better with your “bot multiplier” than seed rank, and (3) alliance captains picking teams with higher “bot multiplier” tended to fare better in playoffs.

This looks awesome Carter! 4607 will definitely be looking into implementing a similar system for MFR.

Uhh… why not just use 2526 scouting info/system? Not like we haven’t done that before.