Team 253 2020 Robot Overview Document

Hi guys! I made an overview document going over our team’s 2020 robot, Tea3PO. It covers most of our design decisions and mechanisms on our bot. Let me know what you guys think!

Heres the link.


I need to say that this has hands down been my favorite team to follow in recent seasons. I get to hear all about the enthusiasm of the students both on and off the field from your mentors. It feels so good knowing that there is a team out there evolving and keeping their charming imagery and nature at the same time. Keep it up!


Very cool, similar to ours, main differences being we went with a double roller shooter and a telescopic mechanism for the climb

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This is a great writeup of the robot you ended up with, and the steps you took to get there. I love it. I especially wanted to highlight two things:

  1. This chart is a fantastic way to set design goals for a robot. Every team should make some version of this.

  2. These boba cups are adorable.


Love the documentation - it’s super clear and I learned a lot of really neat stuff about your process. I’m a huge fan of how the gas shocks seem to help with climbing alignment and the brushes on the intake transition.

Is there any part of the game that you wished you approached differently, either with capability analysis or how you prototyped it?


I love the idea of it, but this chart shows that the captain (and to a lesser extent their first pick) need to do all of the things in the game to be successful… Definitely don’t agree with that for this year.


Where do you differ? The only places I can think are Wheel of Fortune and active balancing mech (but I’m not convinced on that one)


Totally fair. Maybe I’d ammend that to “top 4 alliance captain.”


Control panel, trench and active balancing mech.

Don’t think either are necessary for the alliance captain of an Einstein alliance, and certainly not necessary for an average regional.

This is all hypothetical anyway… As no wheels will touch Einstein in infinite recharge.


Well, we don’t really know how the season is going during planning, the assumption was based on previous years top teams, which generally could it all…

I talked with last year’s captain and she says that we should’ve prioritized our climber earlier on so we weren’t tight on time when testing it. She added that the efficiency of our power cell transport was also a big area that needed to be looked at more; currently our robot has brushes at the front of the bot just behind the intake to help the balls roll smoothly through, which could’ve probably been improved upon given time.