Team 254 Looking For Mentors

Team 254 is looking for a few experienced mentors to join our team. We had six technical mentors this year and over 100 students, so we’re seriously lacking in the ability to give all our students the individual attention they deserve.

We’re looking particularly for mentors with skills in the following areas:

  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • CAD
  • Manufacturing
  • Project management
  • Graphic design and media
  • Marketing
  • Technical writing, grant writing


  • Must have a sense of humor (Tem 254: Teh Chezy Pofs is just the tip of the iceberg)
  • Must be able to deal with other mentors and their large egos and obsessive compulsions
  • Must be willing to spend about 20-40 hours a week with us for four months a year
  • Must not object to having EJ’s head photoshopped onto random pictures of you
  • Must take a vow of secrecy and undergo a Facebook background check
  • Must be able to endure constant heckling from other mentors


  • Mentor bacon
  • No snow or ice during build season
  • Mentors get served first when team parents bring dinner
  • Weekly cookies and other baked goods courtesy of Pat
  • Free hat

In all seriousness, we’re always happy to welcome people who want to help us out. Drop any of us a line (Cory, Travis, EJ, Tom, Richard, me) if you’re interested. Non-technical mentors are welcome too. (NASA engineers also welcome – we don’t currently have any.)

seriously I would consider this if I was still in nor cal. I think I know a guy who would be interested. Give you a clue, he was the architect of something in 2007;)

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If only I were mentor age…

I think you forget to mention in the benefits that you not only get to learn from an amazing HoF team, but also get to work with some of the most professional students in FIRST.

This is possibly the best “job posting” I’d ever seen.

If I only I lived in cali…

This mentor bacon you speak of, is it a signing bonus, or do we have to wait 60 days before acquiring that?

Serious note though, I wish I was out there, just so I could learn more from 254. Highly inspirational team (just ask the kids and mentors on 11, they won’t stop talking about you guys!)

It is awarded upon completion of a successful 6 week build.

May want to post this on the VEX forums as well…

I can vouch for how amazing the bacon is. . . . actually the food in general is great unless you are trying to lose weight during build :smiley:

Wish I lived in Cali so bad…this is like a dream opportunity.

Btw. This is like the 3rd thread about teams needing mentors this month. Trend?

That’s the joke…

I feel it’s unfair for you to post this without disclosing you won’t allow new mentors to run wood on the CNC.


This isn’t a joke. We are quite serious about looking for more mentors.

The implication here seems to be that we’ll allow mentors to run wood on the CNC in their second year…you should know that’s not true :wink:

  • Sunny G.

I’m sure after this, California’s population will experience a nice bump of all the people wanting to mentor for 254…

In all seriousness, best of luck finding what you need. I’d do it if I wasn’t on the other side of the country and not yet done with college. Also, I like the idea of using bacon to entice mentors, I’ve got to remember that one for future use.

Collaboration? We can weld and CNC in house.

I would have to wait all the way until my THIRD year…!?

That job in San Luis is a lot more tempting now…

Mentor bacon? Can a highschooler be a mentor? Can I mentor from Michigan via the internet? Can bacon be mailed effectively?

On a serious note, I wish you luck in finding your mentors.

This would be such an amazing opportunity. Sometimes being up here sucks. :frowning:

Could you hold the position for me for 4 more years? Mentor Bacon sounds Awesome!