Team 254 Looking For Mentors

Team 254 is looking for a few experienced mentors (both technical and non-technical) to join our team. We do currently have a decent number of part-time mentors, but with over 100 students we’re always looking to improve our ability to give our students the individual attention they deserve.

We’re looking particularly for mentors with skills in the following areas:

  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • CAD
  • Manufacturing
  • Graphic design and media
  • Grant writing and technical writing
  • Marketing


  • Must have a sense of humor
  • Must be willing/able to attend build 3-4 days a week January through April
  • Must have intestinal fortitude (mentor bacon, strategy brownies, and corn dogs are rough on the digestive tract)


  • No snow or ice during build season
  • Mentors get served first when team parents bring dinner
  • Mentor bacon, cookies, and strategy brownies
  • A world championship win every ~3 years

Let me know if you’re interested.

While your benefits list is quite impressive I think “no snow or ice during build season” is the most tempting…

Yeah but do you do Field-relative positioning through non-linear state estimation?

By most estimates, the State of California is among the most non-linear places on earth. However, more people in the State of Indiana have relatives positioned in fields.

Or were you talking about control theory? :rolleyes:

Well, I definitely have the “mentor Bacon” requirement checked off, but I can’t say it’ll be easy to make it to the valley 3-4 days a week.

Are you sure about that? CA does have* extensive** agriculture***. And definitely has more people.

Making it to the Bay Area would be tough on me too. Sorry.

*Depending on whether or not it was in a fire area or not, could be past tense.
**Depending on the current state of the water system with respect to fish irrespective of the current state of the water system with respect to people and crops.
***Admittedly rather specialized. Not quite sure whether orchards and vineyards count under fields but they do serve a similar purpose.


A tempting offer, but that commute would be hell. :rolleyes:

No snow or ice during build season

This is not a benefit, this is a deal breaker. Looks like im never mentoring 254…

very much /s but no snow is a dealbreaker.

Hmm, I currently live in the Bay Area[1]. On the topic of the Mentor Bacon and Corn Dogs - will veggie options be provided?

[1] The Tampa Bay Area.

Hmmm. Bacon Wrapped Corndog with a deep fried Brownie Ball base.

I don’t think this is a thing yet… but it should be.

It should take you from 1 championship/3years to 1 Championship/2years.

Should you guys find yourselves in Detroit, Imperial Taco joint in Ferndale sells the best Sonoran hotdogs. They are fantastic.

Can confirm as someone who goes there for Taco Tuesdays most weeks, Imperial is fantastic.

I second this. It’s a deal breaker for me.

That’s a deal breaker… snow days are great for mentors, too!

I’d like to accept the position :slight_smile:

Given I might be sixteen years old, live in Washington state, and have virtually no marketable skills, but I’ll make it work :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently moved to California, what’s the commute from 20619?

Better yet, come help mentor Team 670, where you are much more likely to make a significant difference in team performance. Plus, we are about a quarter mile farther south, so there is less snow. And, we don’t make bacon out of mentors, we promise.

Too bad I live in New England…

Hijacking a thread from a local team asking for help, NICE.

Just because they’re 254 doesn’t mean they don’t need someone to help out, regardless of “team performance”… 100+ students is a lot to handle.

You might find more success making your own thread.

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Yeah but do you do Field-relative positioning through non-linear state estimation?

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Haven’t you heard? It’s the chic thing for Cupertino teams these days.