Team 254 Presents: 2013 Build Blog

During the 2013 season, as in the past several, Team 254 tracked its prototyping, manufacturing, and build progress using an internal blog. The blog makes sure our team members, parents, and sponsors are kept up to date on our progress as it happens, and also provides us with documentation of our build season for posterity. We have spent the last few weeks polishing it and are pleased to be able to share it publicly now.

2013 Build Blog:

Between this and 1538’s build blog, I’m going to have a hard time focusing on classes this week.

Thanks again Poofs!

I can’t navigate beyond day 11.

Very cool stuff though!

EDIT: Still having the problem. You can get around it by navigating to though.


It’s like FIRSTmas came early!

Nice cookie recipe!

I was supposed to finish my summer reading this weekend…

It’s okay, because it doesn’t seem to load past day 11 at this point. But up until then, it was a solid read.

  • Sunny G.

It’s working for me until April 19th - Pre-STL Day 9.

Just to make sure, did you press “Next Page” :smiley: ?

EDIT: With Internet Explorer, the blog seems to be split into pages. With Chrome, the blog is one continuous page. Haven’t checked with Firefox.

Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

No design iterations for the hanger? Where did the practice field come from?

Right, except that it’s apparently not visible past day 11 on FF and Chrome. Or at least, that’s how it is for me. I suppose I’ll just jump to IE. sigh

  • Sunny G.

Great job documenting everything that went into the season build and competitions! Thoroughly enjoyed the details and the videos…so much of the process was just like ours (including the problems that arose and the process to fix them). Thanks again for partnering with us at San Diego!

It’s working with the latest version of Google Chrome, for me at least.

Most of the hanger iteration happened between San Diego and SVR, when the blog’s coverage is more spotty.

One of the things that impressed me reading through this was how much care and effort was put into manufacturing prototypes-- 254’s prototypes (from the videos) looked nicer and worked better than most of my team’s finished mechanisms! Excuse me while I learn again why 254 is a world-class team.

This was a real treat to read.

“Lab closing time for the night was… 11:30 AM (Yes, AM)”

Apparently you folks put in some late nights and early mornings this past season.

These blogs are absolutely fascinating. It’s great to see inside the Cheesy Poofs’ shop and get a look at just how organized and hard working the team is.

WOW. Just simply, wow.

That was a great read! It’s on the list of things to do prior to kickoff.

The scrolling issues have been fixed. Sorry about that.

I’m interested in some more details regarding the encoders on the drivetrain. They look to be US Digital S4 encoders, however I don’t see a mount for the body, how are they mounted to the frame?