Team 254 Presents: 2023 BREAKDOWN - Technical Binder, Code, Q&A

Hey there! Just curious about the steel used for the bellypans and if it changes when there’s only one (with tubes across the drivetrain). I’ve checked out other robots, but couldn’t find the specific steel grade, only the thickness.

Our team hasn’t worked with steel before, so we’re figuring out which grade to get externally machined. Any advice on stainless steel or other materials would be awesome!

Thanks a bunch! Love the bot :slight_smile:

Over the off-season we got a 3/16" thick steel bellypan machined for us at It was great! Took a couple days and was cheaper and easier than if we had done it ourselves.

I recommend using code “FRC1351” at checkout for a discount :shushing_face:


Do you have a Step File for this RSL mount?



Would you be willing to share the 3D Print file for this?

Is there something different about some of the underlying swerve kinematics classes that should affect field relative-ness

Trying to adopt the setpoint generator.

Our chasis speeds are calculated field relative before then calculating a setpoint. Although it appears to if i give a field relative chasis speed, respect that. I couldnt for the life of me figure out why it wasn’t behaving that me.

Also wondering if our pigeon was just somehow disconnected and always returning 0. I’ll have to verify that at our next meeting

EDIT: Nevermind, wasn’t calling refresh on the pigeon signal!

hi Guys,
just wanted to ask which kind of sensor do you use to sense game pieces both in this robot and in your 2022 bot?
is it a beam break? if so, which type? and could you share the manufacturer anf model SN
thanks @Torrance

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Obligatory not 254 here,

But from their tech binders and behind the bumpers interviews, it looks like their 2022 robot used 2 REV Colour Sensors to detect ball colour and 3 Banner Q20ND sensors as beam breaks to detect ball location.

Their 2023 robot also appears to use a singular Banner Q20ND sensor as a beam break to confirm acqusition of a gamepiece in their intake.

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The retroreflecteive sensor we used in 2022 (and 2023/2024, and many years previously) is the Banner DQ12AB6LV. Notably it has a large trigger activation distance than the Andymark linked above (which may be fine, we have not tested) which allows it to look across the entire width of the robot if necessary to detect the object. We buy a few of these new every year but they also are highly resuseable and robust. The 2024 robot featured 5 of these to know where the disk was through our intake, serializer, Amp mechanism, shooter, etc.

We bought them this last season from Walker Industrial for ~$129 each including tax and shipping.

2022 did also feature a REV color sensor on each side of the Serializer. Them, combined with the Banner sensors, let us know where the balls were and what color they were so we could do things like shuffle a ball to make room for an incoming one, or exhaust wrong color balls.