Team 254 Presents: Backlash


Team 254, NASA Ames Robotics "The Cheesy Poofs", presents our 2019 robot: Backlash.

We don’t have time to film a reveal video most years, but due to popular demand, this time we put something together:

Backlash will compete at the San Francisco Regional, Silicon Valley Regional, and FIRST Championship in Houston.

Team 254 is sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center, Apple, Google, Lockheed Martin, Innovation First International, Analog Devices, West Coast Products, AMEX Plating, Gilbert Spray Coat, Applied Welding, Auris Health, Carbon 3D, BAE Systems, Seabed VC, The Magarelli Family, Intuitive Surgical, Vivid-Hosting, Dropbox, and Bellarmine College Preparatory.


I guess no one can argue that turrets are nonviable now




3rd lol


Driving sideways is a waste of time, but rotating sideways isn’t?


It’s good, but is it as good as the robot by Tem 254 the Chesy Pofs?


Hatch mechanism?

Edit: have not watched the reveal video yet


Pretty epic reveal video :sunglasses:


You know, your student drive coach always impresses me…

but this student video editor of yours has just taken this team to another level.


From their website:
“Combination intake can grab cargo and hatch panels.”

From looking at the picture:
The bottom roller is covered in a velcro barber stripe


Little did you know you basically had watched the video


This is not the final bot clearly tom we will see what they actual built. Never been so sad ever


^Post of the Year candidate right here


Have to agree. This reveal video is setting the bar.


it looks like they hid their climber leg behind the lift


just cause 254 can do it doesnt mean anyone can…


I’m wondering how they got that reliable enough. Our team is trying it but it’s susceptible to defense…


Does this make 254 a part of team #sidewayselevator?


In the words of Tom Bottiglieri himself:


The most disappointing part of this is that the shot obscures their bearing set-up for their turret. :cry: