Team 254 Presents: Backlash


Was expecting music from someone else who is un-de-fea-ted. But I guess the video will be talked about for years to come regardless.


2:54 long…


360 turret gang


Talk about indirect bold claims…


Only sometimes.


our reveal video came out first so we can say that the poofs copied our turreted elevator.





That’s not quite the right Decepticon, but he does sound pretty badass.


I didn’t expect 254 to receive so much backlash for their unique approach their reveal video this year.






Well the other one is dead from my searching, and I dont think 254 died recently…


What did you guys use on the base of the tower to allow the tower to connect to the motor?


just found this on their website


This photo is from their website if it helps.

Edit: sorry about that @waxton didn’t mean to steal any thunder


254 switching from Colsons (and omnis) back to blue nitrile roughtop tread. Interesting. Perhaps the lack of need for ultra-precise path following in a game with numerous vision targets and a robot that has auto-correction to those vision targets without requiring drivebase interaction played a role in that decision. Also no protected scoring zones (but the <100lb robot runs counter to the maximizing static friction theory).


Can it continuously rotate?


Man this robot is sick. I imagine this is going to be scary fast at pickup and scoring. From the robot’s name, I guess this robot has tons of backlash or no backlash. Can’t wait to see it in action.


Wow that cable carrier routing is nicer than our whole robot.


I wonder if the inspector is going to call them on that RSL. It’s not very visible down there.