Team 254 Presents: Backlash


Honestly, this is awesome. 1519 is really excited to see all of these turreted elevators this year XD Good luck in Cali!


I think it might be more visible when the robot is on and it shines through the sponsor board. They probably have a backup plan if they get called on it, though.


Apparently, the intake has been significantly changed since the reveal photo. (unsurprisingly)


Called it


What software do you use for your reveal video? Looks very professional, would like to have a look into it


How can they weigh less than a hundred pounds?


Good catch! Can just make it out in the bottom of the photo.

I think they need it so that their elevator turret can swing around with hard enough accelerations to be efficient. That motion would put a huge moment on the drive base, and robots running just center traction wheels already have a hard time staying straight under a stiff defensive hit…

Of course, it might just be for the defensive hits. 254 is a magnet for those too.


How did you manage to thread the carbon fiber plates?






Love the robot, as always. I’m curious why y’all used chain for your elevator instead of your classic cable run. Did you find the weight was practically negligible, or did you decide that the removal of the whole drum system made the setup much simpler?


I don’t think so because they’re using a drag chain


well its just a single stage elevator, so i think chain is just simpler


On a cascade elevator (which I believe is the style they do), the first stage would be rigged the same way the first stage on a single stage elevator would be.

EDIT: Turns out their elevators are continuous. Not the first time I’ve been wrong, unlikely to be the last.


last year they used a continuous string. not cascade.


I would guess that the 6 smaller bolts are bonded in with epoxy or something similar, and the large bolt in the center provides the brunt of the force keeping the sprocket attached that the threads would normally bear. Essentially the bolts only need to take rotational force so I might even venture to guess that they could be just pins with no threads at all and they may not even be epoxied in. (Someone correct me if I’m massively wrong)


I don’t believe 254 has ever built a cascade. 2011, 2013 (climber), and 2018 were all continuous, and I think 2007 was as well. 2008 and 2015 were single stage.


From talking to the programming mentor from 176, apparently Colsons have a problem where on carpet, the distance the robot travels per rotation differs between rolling forward and backward, hence the switch. I have a faint memory of someone from 254 talking about something like this on Lockdown, but I could be completely wrong.


It wasn’t an issue with forward versus backward, but rather with the grain of the carpet. The level of slippage changed depending on whether you were driving alongside or perpendicular to the grain.

Swerve Wheels

From the 3 775pros powering their elevator we can be pretty sure that the intake is going to be used as part of the climber like many teams are doing. For that they might need some additional resistance from the chain vs cable and you need to be able to power it downwards too, instead of just letting gravity do the job. Both problems can be circumvented with a cable, but might be the reason why they decided chain was simpler.