Team 254 Presents: Backlash


That video, the music, the length. That was pretty Cheesy :wink: :wink:

I will see myself out.


How do y’all get away with putting your RSL so low? PNW inspectors would make you put it up top… Not saying you should have to, but we would never get away with it.


Naaah… Probably 254 degrees turret… :wink:


Can it continuously rotate?

No, from what we can see, the cable can only go 360 or a bit more, otherwise it would need a different cable management at the bottom of the elevator,


Hmmm… Looks like a bot who’s worst-case mission is going to be lining up 4RPs solo in a Qual match!!!


Your thinking is correct.


Neat usage of the gas shocks directly on the sprockets of your arm…never would have thought to do that.


I wonder what they changed it to? The foldable wheel intake (1983, 1323) is the most reliable all-in-one intake I’ve seen.


I just love how the video is exactly two minutes and 54 seconds long and this was posted at 2:54 pm


So many elements of this design going back more than a decade to the good ol days on 968. Nice work as usual guys, well done. Looking forward to seeing it in action.


Really? Someone hacked your account? Pat Faribank you should read about FIRSTs gracious professionalism. The issue here is that you are making fun of others: the students and teams who put in effort in making a reveal video with content. That is neither gracious nor professional or perhaps I am just one of the grey beards that can not and does not want to understand that kind of humor.


I don’t think they were making fun of anyone, they simply said they didn’t have time to make a reveal video…


Gracious professionalism doesn’t mean you have to be serious and not make jokes. Also, seeing as Pat’s been involved with FIRST for nearly 20 years, I’m pretty sure he’s heard of GP.

Jokes can be just as effective (or more effective) at engaging students as serious things. Anecdotally, I see a small portion of my team who is more engaged because of the existence of FRC meme culture.

Also, I fail to see how this video makes fun of anyone. It just plays on your expectations.


How exactly does this make fun of anyone?


Wow! Didn’t expect that kind of Backlash. I will personally make sure that Pat reads about Gracious Professionalism.

We are always really impressed by (and jealous of) the teams that execute release videos well. We are just making fun of ourselves for consistently failing to budget enough time to make one.


I’m pretty sure we don’t need to spend this thread comparing everyone’s GPness.


I thought Cheesy Poof blue was the color of GP??


You’d probably have time for reveal videos if everything you made worked on the first try.


Yeah, like 1678.


Never heard of him. He sounds like someone who would be pretty un-GP though.