Team 254 Presents: Backlash


What is the point of adding the gas spring on the sprocket?


Counterbalance the arm weight.


That’s what i was thinking, never seen counterbalancing done that way.


The gas spring on the right sprocket is counterbalancing the wrist, the one on the far side is for the arm.


As an outsider, gas springs act as a damper for the arm as well as assisting it so the motor does not have to do all the work. In that orientation it works well because as the pivot for the gas spring rotates the torque applied on the arm varies, and if they did their math right that sinusoidal variation can be coupled up with the center of mass of the arm to provide a near neutral arm throughout its rotation.


Funny joke.

I think you mean “they 100% did their math right and that’s exactly why they did it the way they did”


It’s just the same as mounting a gas spring directly to the arm, since that sprocket is attached directly to the arm. It’s just closer to the pivot point than you may have usually seen, which may up the force requirement in the spring.


or 1684?


or 973?


973 was already mentioned and theirs isn’t one that does both like 1684, so I added them/us…whatever. :wink:


Maybe I should have added a /s.

As always, an absolutely stunning robot, and I already can’t wait to sift through the technical binder at the end of the year. Best of luck to you!


I was adding it for you lol


we did last year, and it made our season…


Any video from practice day?


Practice matches start tomorrow.


SFR is a Fri-Sun regional, so we’ll see them tomorrow.



Or 1684 ; )


How can they weigh less than a hundred pounds?

Very good engineering :wink:


no i heard they way 254 pounds :wink:


Did 254 have practice matches today? Any video?