Team 254 Presents: Barrage

Team 254, NASA Ames Robotics “The Cheesy Poofs”, proudly presents our 2014 robot: Barrage.

Barrage will compete at the Central Valley Regional, Waterloo Regional, Silicon Valley Regional, and FIRST Championship.

Team 254 is sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center, Lockheed Martin, The Mercadante Family, Ooyala, TR Manufacturing, Qualcomm, HP, West Coast Products, The Magarelli Family, The Yun Family, Google, Modern Machine, The Gebhart Family, Aditazz, Cisco Meraki, Vivid-Hosting, Nvidia, BAE Systems, Gilbert Spray Coat, Pacific Coast Metal, S&S Welding, Good Plastics, Team Whyachi, Applied Welding, World Metal Finishing, The Jimenez Family, and Bellarmine College Preparatory.

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Oh. My. Travus.


Once again another beautiful machine. Can’t wait to see her up close this Friday.

That. Auto. Wow!

such robot

Not available in my location… NO!

At first I thought it was frame-by-frame video…then it dawned on me that that’s actually a 2 sided pickup…

quick question, how do you guys plan on doing 3 ball auto if other robots need to be touching the balls they’re using for their auto shots?


Gregor, I had the same reaction.

The buildup then…

Great looking bot!

Give it a few minutes and try again. Sorry about that.

We plan on doing the three ball auto as shown in the video. Our alliance partners will be touching the balls near the intakes.

Works now. Thanks guys.

Awesome video better robot. Very impressed as always.

But how did you get the wood to look so shiny?

15 seconds into the video you can see the mega pneumatic. It has a baby pneumatic attached for the latch. The back wall for shooting is latched and stationary, except for when they want to open it?

Holy Catch Batman… :eek:

My only question: Is there hot detection for path selection, or is it 3 hot/3 not?

Fancy editing software. Pat must be pretty good at it.

Oh my.

gotcha, them touching the others balls seemed more possible after rewatching the video. Awesome job as usual!

I love the catcher and rear intake. Sweet looking robot as always.