Team 254 Presents: Chezy Champs

Save the Date!
Team 254 Presents: Chezy Champs

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 30-31, 2014
Where: Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, California
What: A brand new offseason event hosted by Team 254, The Cheesy Poofs

Team 254 is excited to host its first ever FRC event, Chezy Champs! Chezy Champs will be a super affordable, highly competitive, fun packed event held at Bellarmine College Prep on August 30/31. We will be playing Aerial Assist with minimal rule changes, so make sure your bots are ready to roll!

We have not finalized all of the details yet, but we plan to have some of the following at the event:

  • Celebrity MCs/announcers
  • Properly-timed pedestal lighting
  • Non-wooden field
  • “Best lit pit” award
  • More #ejswag than you can handle
  • Mentor matches
  • Exhibition match: Teh Chezy Pofs “Skystalker” vs. Teh Robnots “Paper Jam”
  • Corndog vendor(s)
  • Photo booth: Selfies with Mr. EJ.

(We’re kidding about some of these details, but we’re serious about the event! See you in August!)

Will the lit pit award be granted purely on quantity of lights? or will clean backlit lettering be eligible as well?

How much bbq will there be?

What will the mandatory volunteer (that’s an oxymoron!) deposit be?

Any room for CT teams? :smiley:

I will be THERE.

As long as you are not kidding about the Corn Dog venders its all good. Should be a fun event. I might have to come down to California to watch.

Sweet looking forward to it. I hope the chezy fms is debuting there. I am willing to bet there will be a few wood bots showing up.

I hope we can make it. Will there be inspections?

Looks like fun I may have to come up and enjoy the the corndogs, they are Free right?

Mentor Matches!!!


Will there be a webcast/recorded matches? This sounds awesome!

Well you better not be kidding about this because I’m not flying out to Northern California without a guaranteed selfie.

Been waiting to hear about this. I’d be down to volunteer, if help is needed.

IRI rules apply.

Hella awesome.

We will for sure be coming out.

Can we request RC teach our students the finer points of speaking Cali first?

Pit-lighting award qualifications are TBD

Lots of BBQ will be available. One free mentor corndog will be included. Teams with mentors named Jared get two free corndogs.

All joking aside, no “mandatory” volunteering is required. Any profit we make from the event will be refunded to the teams. Our registration fee goal is < $200 per team.

Time to travel to Cali!

696 will be there.

To whom do I send the check?

We’ll come to yours if you come to ours! But seriously, this sounds awesome and I can’t wait! Wow, there’s an offseason pretty much every couple of weeks in California. Chezy Champs in late August, our competition in Mid-September, CalGames in early October, Fall Classic and Battle at the Border in mid-late October, and the MadTown Throwdown in mid-November. Last year, it was easy for us to make all three NorCal events, but FOUR NorCal events within weeks of each other? Wow, this is going to be tough.

I have been waiting for this for so long.
U will see me there