Team 254 Presents: Chezy Champs

Quick update on this event:

Volunteering: For those who have expressed interest in volunteering at Chezy Champs, a volunteer form is now available.
Invites: Invitations have been sent to 39 teams
Schedule: A more detailed schedule has been posted

All of this information is available at Let us know if you have any questions. 8 weeks to go…

Where do we send the check?

I’ve replied via PM. Information should be going out to all teams in the next couple of days.

There’s a slight typo on the volunteer form- I’m assuming the second “Saturday, 8/30, AM” times available check box is meant to be “Sunday, 8/31, AM”?

I’m excited. This is going to be awesome.

Good catch. The form has been updated.

The GameSense crew is really excited to announce that we will be doing live match analysis and commentary at Chezy Champs!

All six members of the GameSense crew will be in attendance, bringing you analysis and on-site event coverage from start to finish. We’ve been working hard with the Chezy Champs team to create a fun, professional and cohesive viewer experience for attendees and online viewers alike. All-new GameSense graphics will be integrated directly with the Chezy Arena field system for live-updating information on upcoming matches, team statistics, history and rankings, balanced with live interviews and highlight reels.

We’re hoping to help make Chezy Champs the most viewer-friendly and entertaining FRC event ever, so make sure to clear your calendars! Check out Chezy Champs on August 30th and 31st, live in San Jose, CA or online at!

Will there be a recording of the broadcast available? For those of us who won’t have Internet access during the competition.

Our live stream will automatically archive the entire broadcast and post it to our channel page. At this time, we have no plans to store the footage anywhere else. Now that we see there is some interest, we may make an effort to record and upload one long video of eliminations.

Can you post a breakdown of the hardware you are using to run the stream?

Would that channel-archive be affected by the new Twitch rules? Since there’s no ‘save forever’ option anymore, having it someplace else would be pretty good to have.

With the new twitch VOD rules too, the recorded video might get flagged for copyright music playing in the arena and be muted.

When we (Texas Events) stream to Youtube we just get an audio feed with only the microphones and game sounds. We haven’t had our live stream shut down yet when doing this. Over three events, we have had a few individual matches flagged for copyright because the music was picked by the microphone but most of them have been fine. I’d assume the Gamecast crew will do something similar to reduce/remove the arena music for their broadcast.


We are renting a field from FIRSTWA including the AV case that was at IRI. Evan Morrison is coming down for GameSense and will help us get everything set up.


We have a box that can record as a backup if you like. I believe it takes hdmi.

Will there be Internet accessible for team use in the stands?

To everyone who is curious about the broadcast recording and VODs:

There will be local recording of the stream, but we are still working out if it will be chopped and uploaded match-by-match in real-time, or if we’re just going to record the entire broadcast in half-day chunks and deal with match chopping later. Rest assured, we will have a way to get the recordings on to YouTube without having to worry about Twitch’s new VOD muting policy.

Glad to see Gamesense being added in to the event!

Can’t wait for CC!

After spending a good 11 hours organizing our finally back from IRI road case and going over all of Game Sense’s plans, I can say for certain that all of you are going to be blown away by what Game Sense is bringing to the table. This will be the best live/venue streaming and sports casting ever in FIRST history*. Also, yes the Chezy Arena FMS overlay looks more amazing than anything you have seen so far. I actually wish it was the standard, with the CC logo replaced with the FIRST logo.

*I heard the ESPN stuff was pretty good, but come on that was so long ago.


We expect to have the following rule changes for Chezy Champs. Notable changes from IRI include the lack of a 4th autonomous ball, standard serpentine draft, no picking of backups, and allowing timeouts during elims.

  • No inspection, Honor system on legality. +5 pounds allowed. Gross / obvious violations of robot rules will be identified by referees and event staff and must be corrected before the robot continues. All other FIRST robot rules apply.
  • There is no zone requirement for possession/ assists.
  • A trussed ball which is untouched by another robot and enters the low goal will be considered scored.
  • G21 [Robots may not extend outside the field.] No penalty for violations. Continuous / repeated violations will still be a technical foul. Contact outside the safety zone will still be enforced.
  • G14 [Strategies aimed solely at forcing the opposing alliance to violate a rule are not in the spirit of FRC and are not allowed.] Violation: Technical Foul or “No Call” at discretion of the head referee
  • G12 [An alliance may not possess their opponent’s balls.] An immediately rectified possession of the opposing alliance ball (from a truss shot, human play or field crew action) will not be penalized.
  • Referees will not attempt to judge team intent - the benefit of the doubt with regards to penalties will go to the teams.
  • The field will not contain dynamic retroflective vision targets. Hot goal indicator lights will still be present.


These are the rules we should have had all season long. CC should be awesome!