Team 254 Presents: Chezy Champs

And hot goal.

Maybe 2 if we’re lucky?

Make sure to have veggie corndogs too!:wink:

Question 1: Can we bring our own props to the selfies with EJ event?
Question 2: Is there a designated hashtag for instagram posts for said selfies other than #ejswag?



I’ve never been to California, let alone a west coast FIRST event… this may just have to be my first…


Same here. Does anybody have an East - > West coast teleporter laying around?

Barring something else coming up, I’m in. Need an MC?


That’d be one heck of a bus ride!

Properly lit pedestals for all! :smiley:

You should come and MC a PNW event some time. We would love to have you come up here and bring some Canadian knowledge.

And yeah, a #BestCoastIRI would be awesome.

I second this notion. Preferably HQ recordings if it’s not too much to ask for. :smiley:

As long as you are not joking about these items we are there!

  • Properly-timed pedestal lighting

  • Corndog vendor(s)

  • Photo booth: Selfies with Mr. EJ.

Corn dogs and Mista EJ are no joking matter.

In all likelihood there will be no pedestal lighting and there will likely be a rule added that says you may pick the ball up at any time and may introduce it as soon as the ball on the field is scored.


We would be definitely interested in making a drive out there to compete. We were just talking about competing in an off-season event as well.

We can probably fit a few of you in. :slight_smile:

(Still holding out my dream of a 254, 125, 195 alliance someday)