Team 254 Presents: Chezy Champs

900 will be launching some balls out to the other coast for you guys to play with. That distance shouldn’t be a problem for our shot. :wink:

45 hours from CT? Worth it.
I’ll walk if I have to; it’s only 986 hours by foot.

SERIOUSLY In and Out needs to franchise. Enough of this it is a family run business and quality can’t suffer stuff.

There should be a match with the poofs comp bot, practice bot, and skystalker :smiley:

With all the incredible burger joints in California, I will never understand why anyone cares about In’N’Out.

Never say this in California. EVER.

For all of you un-initiated, Brandon has his priorities CORRECT!!

If you don’t include a stop at In-N-Out on your way to this event, you will not have the complete California experience!
I grew up mere miles from the original location in So. Cal. Now I have one less than a mile from where I live.

Trust me when I say, “Double Double, Animal Style”.

I love you Bro, but DUDE???

In’n’Out accounts for a lot of those incredible burger joints…

While I’ll confess I’m much more familiar with San Diego than the Bay Area, I can’t imagine the Bay Area would be a subpar burger zone. There’s a bunch of places in San Diego I’d rather grab a burger than In’N’Out. Gimme Slater’s 50/50, The Counter, Johnny Rotten’s or even Smashburger or Hodad’s instead of In’N’Out.

Great, now I want a burger for lunch.

But inNOut>=hodads;

Yes. If this is the half bacon half burger place that I’m thinking of this place is great.

That’s the place.

The only thing we’ve established is that this clearly means Chezy Burgers must be available in addition to corndogs.

We’re thrilled to have you all here.

Now, if you decide you like California and want to “extend” your stay (much like Pat, Jared, and I have), I have a feeling you would all look good in blue come FRC season next year. :smiley:

How do I sign up to volunteer? I’m doing Scorekeeping at my fourth event this year, at Minnesota state in a few weeks.

I’m a Minnesota volunteer, moving for work to the Mountain View area in July…

EagleForce Blue!

We are still trying to solidify the details of the event. As soon as we are ready we will post here, on our Facebook, and the new Chezy Champs website regarding how to volunteer.

Also, cool that you are moving here! We’d love to have you help at the event and welcome you to the Bay Area FIRST community!

2478 would like to participate as well! We’re considering a team Roadtrip :wink:

Please keep Team 4543 in the loop. We will have a whole new team to get up to speed.