Team 254 Presents: Chezy Champs


We expect to have the following rule changes for Chezy Champs. Notable changes from IRI include the lack of a 4th autonomous ball, standard serpentine draft, no picking of backups, and allowing timeouts during elims.

  • No inspection, Honor system on legality. +5 pounds allowed. Gross / obvious violations of robot rules will be identified by referees and event staff and must be corrected before the robot continues. All other FIRST robot rules apply.
  • There is no zone requirement for possession/ assists.
  • A trussed ball which is untouched by another robot and enters the low goal will be considered scored.
  • G21 [Robots may not extend outside the field.] No penalty for violations. Continuous / repeated violations will still be a technical foul. Contact outside the safety zone will still be enforced.
  • G14 [Strategies aimed solely at forcing the opposing alliance to violate a rule are not in the spirit of FRC and are not allowed.] Violation: Technical Foul or “No Call” at discretion of the head referee
  • G12 [An alliance may not possess their opponent’s balls.] An immediately rectified possession of the opposing alliance ball (from a truss shot, human play or field crew action) will not be penalized.
  • Referees will not attempt to judge team intent - the benefit of the doubt with regards to penalties will go to the teams.
  • The field will not contain dynamic retroflective vision targets. Hot goal indicator lights will still be present.


These are the rules we should have had all season long. CC should be awesome!

Well there goes our 4 ball auto… :rolleyes:

On a more serious note, these changes are going to be fantastic for the game. I’m curious, though, why you chose to keep the serpentine draft.

If you could pass this one along to the GDC that would be great.

Looking forward to watching a great event!

There aren’t enough teams to effectively do 1-8, 1-8 without giving #1 a massive advantage.

I like the serpentine draft–and we’ve been the #1 or #2 seed in every competition the last 2 years. It makes for a great challenge in creating the draft. But more importantly the seeding order too often can be influenced by random events and qualifying round alliances. The serpentine draft levels the playing field to reduce the influence of those random occurrences.

Weren’t you ranked 7th and on the 6th seeded alliance in 2013 at Central Valley? (still counts as </= 2 years as far as I’m aware.)

Just because you played the draft intelligently and ended up winning the competition with a solid robot doesn’t mean you can claim a number 1 or 2 seed out of it. :wink:

Anyway, overall, rule changes are nice. I’m hoping to see some interesting strategies develop. I also have a feeling that the Chezy Champs trophies are going to look pretty cool as well…

Chezy Champs is less than a week away! This message contains some important information about the event.

Food Options
We have a couple of food options available for Chezy Champs:

  • Pizza Preorders will be conveniently delivered to the concessions area on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Concessions: We will be selling Pizza by the slice as well as other things at the event.
  • Food Trucks and Vendors: On Saturday, we have Sticks and the Hula Truck. On Sunday, we will have the Gold Rush Eatery.
  • Local Eateries: We have compiled a list of local eateries.

Our planned event schedule is as follows:

  • Friday
    6pm – 9pm – Pits Open to Teams
    6:30pm – 9pm – Practice Matches
  • Saturday
    8am – Venue Opens
    9:30am – 10am – Opening Ceremonies
    10am – 12pm – Qualification Matches
    *1pm – 6pm *– Qualification Matches
    6:30pm – Venue Closes
  • Sunday
    9am – Venue Opens
    9:30am – 10am – Opening Ceremonies
    10am – 11am – Qualification Matches
    11:30am – 12pm – Alliance Selection
    1pm – 4:30pm – Elimination Matches & Closing Ceremonies
    6pm – Venue Closes

Preorders for pizza and swag are still open at Quantities of everything are limited - the preorder form will say when something is sold out.

Power & Wifi
Unfortunately, it’s looking like the power in the pits will be shut off overnight during the event. Premium pits are in a different building and are unaffected. Also, we are trying our best to ensure reliable wireless internet access for teams at the event but will not be able to guarantee anything.

Rule Changes
Thanks to everyone for the feedback on rule changes. We will be adding one additional change: Yelling of ‘robot’ in the pits will not be permitted.

Hope everyone is looking forward to what is shaping up to be a great event! More information about logistics and a pit map will come later in the week.

Thank you based EJ.

What are the rules/specifics on the mentor matches?

We scrapped mentor matches in favor of more qualification matches for teams.


How many qualification matches would you estimate are planned per team?


We’ve had a last minute drop and have an open spot for Chezy Champs this weekend! If any teams are interested in participating, please email us as soon as possible at


Is there going to be an opportunity to give feedback on the consequence of violating this rule?

What do you mean? We don’t like people yelling robot when a simple and quieter “excuse me” works just as well. There won’t be any consequences other than us telling those people/teams who are yelling it to kindly refrain from doing so.

It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

Andrew Lawrence asked: How many qualification matches would you estimate are planned per team?

With 8 hours of Qualification Matches scheduled, and estimating 6 minutes per match, you could squeeze in 82 matches which would mean 14 matches for each of 35 teams plus 2 teams playing a dummy match. (82 matches * 6 team slots = 492 divided by 35 teams = 14 matches per team with a remainder of 2 dummies.) The more matches, the less luck in finding the Alliance Captains. :slight_smile:

How many matches per team do you plan?

When do you think you will you post a Match Schedule List? :confused:

We are excited to be making our first trip up to a Bay Area competition. :yikes:

We’re planning on running a more relaxed cycle time than six minutes, to allow time for GameSense commentary. Count on 10-12 matches per team.

We probably won’t be able to post a match schedule in advance of the event, as we are still waiting for a couple of teams to confirm their attendance and send payment.

We’re excited to see everyone tomorrow. Here’s a bit more information about the event.

Load in will be on Friday from 6pm-9pm and on Saturday morning from 8am onward. See the map below for the load-in location.

Pit Map
A pit map is available here.

We will be giving out the following awards:

  • Winner (3x)
  • Finalist (3x)
  • Quality Award
  • Professionalism Award
  • Most Improved Team
  • Programming Award
  • Judges Award
  • Golden Corndog

Due to a generous sponsorship from NASA, the winners of the Quality and Professionalism awards will each be awarded $1000 towards their 2015 FRC Registration.

Parking is available in any of the on-campus lots except for the marked Jesuit community parking. Do not park in the Jesuit community parking.
A map of parking is provided below.

Access to the main parking lots is from 960 West Hedding Street, San Jose.

For spectators, we recommend the arena parking lot.
Arena parking is located at 799 Emory Street, San Jose. Arena parking is not accessible from the Bellarmine main entrance.

Campus Map
The event is at 960 W. Hedding St, San Jose.

A map of the campus is below with the load-in location marked is below.
There will be signs on campus with arrows towards the event.

A PDF of the map is available here.