Team 254 Presents: Chezy Champs

So far, very impressed with the event. Whoever put in the order for the PortaCool units, you are my hero. Also, the signage is very well done. Looking forward to a great weekend here!

We have generated a tentative qualification schedule which is posted to The Blue Alliance as well as attached.

We will run with this schedule unless there is a no-show team tomorrow.

ChezyChampsQual.pdf (7.56 KB)

ChezyChampsQual.pdf (7.56 KB)

Updated match scores and rankings will be updated on The Blue Alliance after each match as well!
For those of you who are into data and statistics, detailed match breakdown (auton points, assist points, truss & catch points, etc.) will be available through the TBA API.

Many thanks to 254 for adding live data publishing to TBA in their offseason FMS. GameSense, real-time detailed data, and an overall professionally but Chezily (can I use this as an adverb?) organized event – this is an FRC competition done right!

The GameSense Crew will be taking full advantage of the additional data output by Cheesy Arena as well as the data collected over the 2014 season. Watch the live event to see:

  • Cycle Efficiency Ratio (CER) - Average assists per cycle, both over the event and during a match.
  • Calculated Win Probability - A weighted average of OPR.
  • Season W-L-T for entire alliances.
  • CORNDOG (COmbined Rating Notation Describing Offensive Gameplay) - Normalized Event OPR mapped to 1-5 scale.

Awesome job to 254! This is honestly the best I’ve ever watched. Paul and Karthik are the best set of announcers ever. Combined with gamesense and the cool graphics (both the match with picture/predictions, and the “Head-to-Head” display), the time between matches is just as entertaining as the matches themselves.

Team 254’s FMS is far superior to FIRST’s FMS system, and the graphics for scores, overlays, and rankings are beautiful and smoothly animated. The color displays above the driver stations with team names are awesome. Pedestal lighting and hot goal lights are correct. Scores update instantly, field lights respond instantly, and the assist counters appear instantly, which never happened before. There are no delays with anything here.

On top of all that, it was developed in months, vs. the years that FIRST has had to work on theirs.

I have a few questions for any team 254 people who worked on this FMS

Do you guys plan on releasing any parts of it?

For the field LEDs, do you guys use the Phillips Colorkinetics that normally are used in fields? If so, what sort of controller do you guys use?

What do you use to generate the schedule? Do you use FIRST’s matchmaker executable (matchmaker.exe) or do you guys have another method?

Team 696 is offering free corn dogs in the pit for the next two hours only, for Facebook and twitter followers. Stop by and get one cooked to order!

Will there be any videos from, say, GameSense, posted before tomorrow AM?

Nope, definitely not by tomorrow morning, but I do have a few Cool Graphics to share from tonight’s post show.

P.S. Roger, If you’re there tomorrow, stop by and say hi!

Somebody please tell me that there is a video of F1-1 that I can watch again. One of the best matches of the year.

We have all the matches recorded in high def. We’ll get them up as soon as we can.

In the mean time, it’s probably on our Twitch VOD until its muted due to the music.

I said this at the end of the tournament, and I’ll say it again here. Not only was that the best offseason competition that I’ve been to, that was the best competition I’ve ever been to PERIOD. Really well put together and very fun. 2073 had a blast. I wish our own offseason could be as cool. The matches were more exciting than most of the matches on Curie this year and every match was very intense. Just plain awesome.

From what I saw it looked like a blast, and seems like this may be a very nice alternative to IRI for west coast teams. In fact there were some things about this competition that IRI may want to look at adding for next year

You beat me to posting our own video :wink: . First off, I’d like to thank Teh Chezy Pofs for putting on such a fabulous event. Like everyone’s been saying, it really has been one of, if not the, best event, off-season or regular-season, that I’ve been a part of. Having this many high-caliber teams so early in the season was a great way for our brand new 2014-2015 drive-team (myself included) to get their feet wet and prepare for more off-season competitions and the 2015 regular-season. I’d like to thank our incredible alliance partners, Teams 971 and 2135, for an amazing run through the elimination rounds. You guys were a joy to work with and we played great as an alliance. Congrats to the winners, Teams 1678, 254, and 973; you guys are truly phenomenal and it was a great pleasure to be able to play against you guys in the finals. See y’all at the 2015 Chezy Champs! :slight_smile:

You had a brand new drive team? It didn’t show. You guys were awesome.

Wow. I would have never called you guys where running a first year drive team. As a first year driver in the 2014 season, I am shocked that another drive team with similar experience was able to do so well at a nearly IRI level competition. Best of luck in 2015 and congratulations on doing so well at your first event.

What an awesome event! 5136 had a blast and enjoyed working with our alliance partners 2485 and 604. We can’t wait to see some similar faces at CVR in March!

Who were the award winners?

The GameSense crew has uploaded all the elimination matches from Chezy Champs to our youtube, including the pre and post-match commentary.

Will all of the Chaezy Champs matches be posted? Would like to watch them. Also I never saw skystalker at the event.