Team 254 Presents: Lockdown

Team 254, NASA Ames Robotics “The Cheesy Poofs”, presents our 2018 robot: Lockdown.](

Lockdown will compete at the Arizona North Regional, Silicon Valley Regional, and FIRST Championship in Houston.

Team 254 is sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center, Apple, Google, Innovation First International, Analog Devices, AMEX Plating, BAE Systems, The Wong Family, Lockheed Martin, West Coast Products, Qualcomm, Cisco, Gilbert Spray Coat, Applied Welding, Dropbox, Four-D Metal Finishing, Vivid-Hosting, Carbon 3D, Nvidia, Momentum Machines, Auris Surgical Robotics, Markforged, Cadence, Boxco, and Bellarmine College Preparatory.


That LIDAR. Can’t wait to see how creative the auton is going to be.

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This is super cool and creative. Looking forward to seeing them!!!


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If I’m seeing this right - that intake clearly pivots, but it looks like its also mounted to the elevator carriage? If so then you guys would have some pretty great reach over the scale for placing cubes; I can’t wait to see the robot in action!

EDIT: Just did a lot of zooming in and thinking about how the climber works - it looks like the “hooks” are lowered by the elevator onto the top of the rung with the robot approaching the rung from the side: |, where the represents the rung and the | represents the hook lying over it? If so that’s really clever, when I initially saw the forklift I thought it was how 118 lifts their partners, but now thinking about the approach from the side there’s a lot more ways a partner team can drive over the forklift and be lifted with ease, while being structurally stable by taking advantage of the entire width of the bar. Alternatively it also looks like it accommodates for other teams to use the front of the bar to climb as well… such a clever design.

Cool as always.

Is that lidar red or purple :wink:

Until there is a video, this is just a bunch of blue and black mumbo jumbo.

Commence the “Zoom! Enhance! Zoom! Enhance!” breakdown of every pixel of the two pictures we have of this machine :slight_smile: yayy

Can’t wait to see their video always impressive to see what the poofs build every year

Something, something, 254 world championship, something, something

Awesome looking robot 254! Can’t wait to see it in action.

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Looks great guys! Can’t wait to see this thing in action

Another truly beautiful robot from The Cheesy Poofs. I imagine it will be obsurdly fast.

I have a few questuons:
Why is the pivot for the intake arm all the way at the from of the robot?
Will you have to launch the cube to place it over the back?
I’m guessing the the elevator deposites a couple hooks on the bar, and a winch lifts the robots?

I look forward to seeing it run.

Legit as always Poofs! This machine looks like it could destroy auto; so is it 2 cubes, 3 like 1806 and 1678 or 4+? Can’t wait for the video and to hopefully see it at Houston…

Man, I really want to get my hands on a Carbon Fiber 3D printer! Those carbon fiber components the IFI teams have been cranking out are really awesome!

What’s the print time like in comparison to regular 3D printers?

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254 using 4 omni wheels?! :ahh: I am very much looking forward to seeing the autonomous motion from this robot. Also the balance in that WCD is beautiful. How much drop is there?

Edit: I stand corrected. It seems like there is a drop

Neither of those omnis look like they are in contact with the ground.

No different than any other FDM machine

Where are you seeing carbon parts?

As far as 3D printed carbon parts, I am having a tough time distinguishing any carbon fiber from a Delrin or ABS print. But, I do see what looks like a carbon fiber tie rod in the middle of the chassis going towards the elevator. I could see this being used to reduce weight as they have a lot of structure going into that forklift.