Team 254 Presents: Misfire

Team 254, NASA Ames Robotics “The Cheesy Poofs”, presents our 2017 robot: Misfire.](

Misfire will compete at the San Francisco Regional, Silicon Valley Regional, and FIRST Championship in St. Louis.

Team 254 is sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center, Apple, Google, Innovation First International, Analog Devices, AMEX Plating, BAE Systems, The Wong Family, Brin Wojcicki Foundation, Lockheed Martin, West Coast Products, Qualcomm, Intuitive Surgical, Cisco, Gilbert Spray Coat, Applied Welding, Dropbox, Orange Vise Company, Four-D Metal Finishing, Vivid-Hosting, and Bellarmine College Preparatory.


Half-Championship. :slight_smile:

Aren’t you going to Houston?

90lb weight! What are you all hiding for later?

And of course, neat.

Looks like a shopping cart…
with bumpers

HoF teams were given the choice on which event to attend.

254 chose St. Louis. They’ve been registered there for awhile now.

It’s the coolest shopping cart I’ve ever seen.

HOF get to choose which Super Regional to go to.


I want to see the floor-loading gear manipulator.


Why did you guys decide to go with a fixed shooter instead of a turret, like last year?

Dang, would have been cool to see this one next to ours. Looks pretty similar.

What material are those rollers? Are they hollow or solid?

real nifty.

Pretty sure it’s just keeping with the typical release cycle for both teams, the day before load in at their first regional. I think this is the first year in a long time where both 971 and 254’s first regional is the same weekend, let alone the same event.

So inspiring. #respect

Passive gear mech?

Their website says that they have floor pickup.