Team 254 Seeking Mentors

Team 254 is seeking experienced mentors to join our team for the current 2023 season and beyond supporting both technical and non-technical aspects of the team. With over 60 students, we aim to provide individual attention to all of them and improve our mentorship program. While we have a good number of part-time mentors, many of our veteran mentors have growing families and responsibilities outside of the team and have taken reduced roles on the team. As such, we are looking for experienced and passionate mentors with skills in one or many of the following areas to help share the load:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Competition Logistics
  • Software, Robotics, and Controls
  • Technical Writing & Fundraising

We are looking for mentors already located in the Bay Area who can attend builds 3-4 days a week from January to April and competitions in March and April. Please let us know if you’re interested!

Please reach out to Andrew or myself via DM here on CD or via email at:

[email protected]
[email protected]


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Sarcasm aside.

This is the forum where many experienced mentors are… Really couldn’t ask for much more of a better message board.

Seems like there is a call for mentors from one of the powerhouse teams at least once a year (I think 254 put out a call 3-4 years ago as well). People move around and as much as I value my robotics family other life events will take precedent.

It’s always helpful to get new perspectives in engineering tasks.


Allow me to apologize and amend my previous poor wording by asking that people please don’t imply that strong teams such as 254 should not get to ask for mentors. I say this remembering a previous thread from them where this happened.


This should be a good example for other teams as well - IMO, part of being a powerhouse team means having the self awareness that you need more mentors and more individual attention for students.

Best of luck to 254. With over 80 students on 177, I definitely understand the need for more mentors actively attending each meeting, specifically those who have any prior familiarity with FRC or FIRST in general.


I should have added a note about what experience we are looking for. In an ideal world we would be finding working professionals who are looking for an established team to mentor while sharing the mentoring load. While we would be happy to have college mentors in these roles, our preferences focus around stability and longer-term prospects with folks who feel they will be in the area for a good while.


If I ever move to San Jose, this is what I would apply for. :call_me_hand:

On a personal note, its nice to hear of the “growing families” part. Until I had kids of my own, I didnt know what true happiness and selflessness really meant.


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