Team 254 Shirt Sale - Pick up at Chezy Champs

Posted this in the Chezy Champs thread, but wanted to cross-post to General in case there was any additional interest.

We are doing an online sale of Team 254 shirts, for pickup at Chezy Champs 2019.

We have three items for sale:

  • 2019 Competition Shirt
  • 254 Black Zip-Up Hoodie (New item for Fall 2019)
  • 2019 Shirt (Exclusive deep space edition)

We will also have Chezy Champs event shirts available for sale exclusively at the event.

Shirts must be picked up at Chezy Champs by noon on Sunday 9/29 - we will not ship orders and will not hold orders past noon on Sunday. These shirts will not be available for sale at the event, and must be order online ahead of time. If you cannot make it to the event, someone else can pick up your order on your behalf if they have a copy of your order receipt.

The deadline to order is September 10. Order Form Link.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing everyone in just over five weeks.


Hey, I have a question- what does the back of the black jacket look like? And why only a black one- why not one in 254 blue?

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If we made the same swag every year, how would our team members fill their closets with new and more different Team 254 branded apparel?


Is there any way to get the merch without going to chezy?

Is there anyone going to cheesy champs that would be willing to ship me merch?

I do still wanna know- what do the back of the jackets look like? Same as the shirts?

As far as I know, the only way to get it without going is finding someone who can get it for you (who is going)

Ah, you guys got me on the one time I can’t come to watch Chezy Champs this year. How will I get my sweet sweet 254 swag now?

I’m pretty sure the back of the jackets are plain black. The sweatshirt is meant to be more stealth than typical FRC wear.

We aren’t offering a blue version just to minimize the number of SKUs and reduce ordering costs.


matters how much you’re willing to pay

I cant be at chezy champs this year, so is there anyone willing to ship me my order. I will pay for the shipping fee? if so, pls PM me

I am looking at buying some apparel. Send a PM if you will be there and can ship to Kansas City. May throw in a few extra bucks for your trouble.

Anyone able to pick up and ship to NY? HMU with a PM

The shirt order deadline is one week from today! As a reminder, the 254 gear is pre-order only.

Anyone willing to ship stuff to Oregon? (I’ll pay + extra)

I can pick up and ship a couple people’s shirt (obviously you’d pay for shipping).
Just pm me

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Can I order a 254 shirt online and have it shipped to me?

If you can find someone you trust going to Chezy willing to pick up and ship it, you could get one. Obviously, they wont be responsible if the person picking up and shipping isint trustworthy and takes it.


Will you be able to ship me a fresh corndog wrapped in mentor bacon with mustard applied in the shape of the 254 swoosh?


What’s ur address I got u