Team 254 Shirt Sale - Pick up at Chezy Champs

I wonder if someone could fund a weekend trip to Chezy Champs by purchasing and mailing out swag…


I could give you a ride home.


As much as I appreciated the ride home last time, home is now Philadelphia which is at least a little bit further and definitely out of range on a “ride home” from my friendly neighborhood Sisk.

I’m not not down.


Is there anyone that’s doing a buy run for people who can’t make it?

I want to buy some stuff. If you are going and can ship to Michigan, please PM me. I may give you some extra money for helping out a guy who wants to wear a 254 shirt at FiM comps

Hopping on this train, looking for someone to ship to Dallas, Texas. PM if interested, will pay extra.

I’ll add my name to the hat with a request from Eugene Oregon

Would you like a mentor soda with that?


If it is Capri Sun

No, it would be unreasonable of me to expect someone to ship a mentor soda to Pennsylvania.

Will any of last years shirts be available to buy at comp? If there’s any left of course.

Yeah, we’ll have a pile of past years CC and/or 254 gear up for sale. Styles and sizes may vary.

Do you guys have extra Mark Leon stickers? I was planning on keeping them on sponsor plates for a few years, but we went through 3 sponsor plates this year and I’m almost out already.

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We likely have some we can give you, if you’ll be present.

This is gonna be an extreme longshot but any chance you have 254 20th anniversary hoodies?

I’ll be there. Looking forward to it.

If youre not able to make it to CC can you order the stickers online?

Unfortunately we cannot support that.


I need a dislike button. But I understand why you say that.

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(Tho if someone wants to mail me a sticker I’d gladly pay them)