Team 254: World's Fastest Climb Teaser

Hello Everyone!

Team 254 will post a video of our robot, Overkill, performing the world’s fastest 30 point climb if we reach 2540 likes or 2540 Twitter followers by April 3rd. Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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Exciting can’t wait.

Wow thought 1114 was fast can wait to see the POOFS climber!!!

Adding fuel to the SVR fire. Love it.

Just wait till people find out that Pink is gonna be doing a 7-discs auto, Full-Court Shooting, dumping 6 discs in the pyramid goal and hanging for 30…oh wait :yikes:

Oh, and all that is in autonomous.

1000 likes seems like a bit much for 7 days. I feel like the ‘carrying capacity’ of the population who ‘like’ FIRST facebooks is nearly maxed out at this point.

Well its already gone up about 100 likes since this thread was posted.

Just make it 254 likes and out with it already:D

I think that by late tonight they will have enough likes.

There are over 3000 likes on the Robotics Memes page, I’m sure that we can 2540 on 254’s page before too long.

There were about 60 likes in 15 minutes
They are at 1638 so 902 to go
So in about 4 hours there should be 2540 likes

1,655 at the time I’m writing this. That’s a lot of likes still to come.

834 likes to go

778 to go

702 to go

You know we can all see the number of likes right? :smiley:

So if I were to make 702 fake accounts…

It is also a good way for the thread to keep getting looked at.
by the way 656 likes to go

599 likes to go :smiley: